h e l l o. i've waited here for you. (nanami_hibino) wrote in garagesalejapan,
h e l l o. i've waited here for you.

manga, playing cards, fanbook

Making room a few things at a time! Paypal only, U.S. shipping included in prices. Everything in good condition/read once. Pictures available upon request.

Dogs: Bullets & Carnage Fanbook Artbook. All characters, full color, 80 pages. (picture above) - $15
B.O.D.Y. manga vols. 1-9 - $25
High School Debut manga vols. 1-10 - $30
Weiss Kreuz playing cards - $5
Neon Genesis Evangelion playing cards - $5
Utena playing cards $5
Saiyuki playing cards $5
Tags: artbooks, collectibles, manga: english

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