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These items must go! Make an offer if you don't like the price! Or, you can have everything in this post for $484.50 shipped within the continental US! (I might even be willing to go a bit lower on selling the lot, so ask! XD)
I have freebies here:


Freebies include three postcards (one Final Fantasy postcard left and two other postcards that I am unsure of the series >.<), mini poster, anime advertisements (mostly yaoi-looking in nature). Please have a look!
One postcard free for a minimum $25 purchase; others: one free per $15 minimum purchase) Of course, if you buy everything on this post, you get all the freebies!! ;D
Items you can buy and get freebies can be off this post, or other items I have listed on my journal. (I have items on my page such as a Guitar Set for $55, which includes: -The Need for Lead (comes with a Lifetime membership to The Rock House Method lesson support system. Many features included in this membership. The code for registration is in the case. It has NOT been used, so you will be able to use it)

-50 Licks Blues Style

-Classic Blues Guitar

-Grandfunk Railroad Remaster Closer to Home w/4 bonus tracks

-vintage Gibson Guitar polish bottle (it is EMPTY, but an awesome collectable!):


Makes offers for individual items/multiples or get all of these items for $484.50 shipped:

-Figure: Martian Successor Nedesico Real Model 20 Yurica Misumaru $20 (displayed for a time, but is now back in original packaging; all items included)

-Hot Wheels Shaman King Yoh and Amedamaru (set of two cars, including sticker; inside sealed package) $7

-Lady Gaga Set 24.99

One Sequin at a Time DVD (only watched part of it)

US Collector's Edition Magazine exclusive of Mother Monster! (barely looked at it, so it has been safely tucked away since buying it)

Vanity Fair (only read the article about Lady Gaga)

2011 Monster Ball Calendar (shows signs of being hung up, but is in otherwise excellent condition)

-Code Geass Code Black cloth (approx. 74in. by 43 in.) and Sheet Music book; comes with the sticker sheet! Set: $52

-Shonen Jump All in great condition. $5 each or the set for $20

January 2003

April 2003

January 2004

February 2006

September 2006

-Newtype USA magazine JULY 2007 $6 Excellent condition. DVD included, but poster missing. (I bought it without the poster.)

TV Guide Feb 1-7 cover 1 of 3 featuring Yu-Gi-Oh! (Yami-Yugi) $2

TV Guide Feb. 1-7 Cover 2 of 3 featuring Yu-Gi-Oh! (Seto Kaiba) $2

Wizard Magazine featuring Yu-Gi-Oh! $4

JRock CD

Orange Range- Natural $20

Orange Range- World World World Special Edition (second disc is a DVD) $30

Mongol800 $10 (No case, but book, papers, and obi are all included)

Marcia $5

Japnese Manga (Japanese versions) Set $40

Code Geass Knight Vol. 1-4

Kobato Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 SET CLAMP (English and Japanese versions) $!6.00 (English versions are clearly used, Japanese versions are Like New)

English manga. Each volume is $5.

Fake vol. 5

Fake vol. 7 (has one black marker spot on the bottom)

Chibi Vampire Bites

Cardcaptor Sakura manga (TOKYOPOP) vol. 1

Gorgeous Carat vol 3

Legal Drug vol. 3

Yellow vol. 1
Yami no Mastuei vol. 7 (unknown brown spots on top)

English novels $7.50 each
Only the Ring Finger Knows vol. 1 (novel)

Only the Ring finger knows (novel) vol. 2 (two copies)

English manga. Each volume is $8

Cardcaptor Sakura Master of the Clow vol. 2 (includes bookmark)

Cardcaptor Sakura Master of the Clow vol. 3 (includes bookmark)

English Manga. Each volume $10

Il Gatto Sul G vol. 1

Il Gatto Sul G vol. 2

Anime DVDs $5 each. All are Like New.

Trinity Blood Chapter 2

Trinity Blood Chapter 3

Full Metal Alchemist the Curse (vol. 1)

Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok Gods and Detectives (vol. 1)

Rune Soldier Vol. 6 (came out of a thin pack collection)

Martian Successor Nadesico (vol. 2)

Vampire Knight vol. 1

Anime Soundtrack

Trigun Spicy Stewed Donut $15 (case is cracked, but disc is fine)

CODE GEASS doujinshi $13.50 each

Fuukatei (can't read title!)

Fukagawa: Date

Cou Aori: Dominator

nia: Daybreak (SOLD)

Cras Sola: Wait!?

Bluebell: Suzaku A La Mode


VS (circles include Cou Aori, Dalc Rose, Prt, and others) (SOLD)



Pandora Box: 愛シタガリ甘エタガリ (SOLD)

Reflection: Battle Flowers

Thank you for reading!


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