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For Sale: Visual kei and rock CDs, cheki and picks etc.


I'm selling CDs and DVDs of the following artists:
bask in the deep, CalorZe, CELL, cocklobin, dummy-xD, gaNesha, GOKIBURI, KOLDCAKE, MaveRick, m'aidezDei, Nicolashka, Sel'm, Sick2, S.Q.F, Synk;yet, Tokami, the Raid.

Cheki of:
ASTRID CROWN, Bust session, catfist, cocklobin, Cu[be], DELUHI (Sujk), DearVicious, Divaith, EAT YOU ALIVE, Falaris (Faralis), gaNesha, gaudie., ハイ○オールC, ハッチ (hucci), Kyoka (ex-Aliene Ma'riage), Louder, Lycaon, NightingeiL, S.Q.F, Sel'm, Since1889, THE FUZZ, 十神(Tokami), V.A.

Picks and autographs of:
9GOATS BLACK OUT, Calmando Qual, Cinema Strip, DELUHI, EAT YOU ALIVE, gaudie., girugamesh, heidi., KISAKI, Lillies and Remains, meth., MEZE, MONO, MUCC, NightingeiL, OZ, ReivieЯ, THE KIDDIE, THE PIASS, Tokami, TRIGGAH, UnsraW

on my sales journal.

Shipping is from Japan, i can include some fliers in the package)

Feel free to ask if you need any info or more photos or info^^

(sorry if you see this x-posted)
Tags: collectibles, music: jrock, music: other

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