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15 November 2013 @ 08:58 pm
KAT-TUN merchandise for sale!  
Hi everyone,

I have the following items for sale (more coming soon!):

  • Tour 2007 cartoon KAT-TUN II You DVD

  • Tour 2007 cartoon KAT-TUN II You DVD

  • KAT-TUN Break The Records Concert Uchiwa - Kamenashi Kazuya

  • KAT-TUN & NEWS Summary Concert Uchiwa - Tegoshi Yuya

  • KAT-TUN Kaizokuban Concert Clear File Folder - Akanishi Jin

  • KAT-TUN Unofficial Paparazzi Photobook

  • KAT-TUN III Queen of Pirates CD

  • KAT-TUN Yorokobi no Uta CD

  • KAT-TUN Akanishi Jin Official Shop Photos

  • KAT-TUN Japanese magazine cutouts

  • KAT-TUN Akanishi Jin Uchiwas - from various concerts

Again, more coming soon. I am in the process of clearing out my ENTIRE collection (I have a lot of things. A LOT). Detailed information including prices and shipping are all at my LIST4ALL site. I am open to offers as I really want to clear out as much as I can, but please no low ballers.

I also have various Japanese related items for sale, including Rilakkuma.

Thank you for looking and please contact me through LIST4ALL if you have any questions or inquiries!