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16 December 2013 @ 04:30 pm
Lots of Japanese brand clothes and Visual Kei merch on eBay  
Hello! I've been posting a lot of my Japanese brand clothes on eBay and thought I'd make a little post here. Brands include h.Naoto, Peace Now, Super Lovers, Coco Lulu, Sex Pot Revenge, JSG, and more.

I also have some Japanese band merch up too, mostly t-shirts from concerts. Bands include The GazettE, Psycho le Cemu, 12012, VAMPS, Dir en Grey and others.

Some of these auctions have a little less than a day left so check them out now! I'll be posting even more things throughout the week.

Link to auctions:

My eBay, if the above link does not work

Thank you for looking!