circusrabbit (circusrabbit) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Selling Japanese Branded Clothing: Alice and the Pirates, Algonquins, Super Lovers, and more!

Selling pre-loved and new Japanese lolita and punk brands in my storenvy!

Please see cut below for example items that are being sold!:

Alice and the Pirate Black Skirt ($20)
See more images and photos: here

Algonquins Mummy Bunny Tank Top ($10)
See more images and photos: here

Super Lovers Scarf Cat-earred Hoodie ($20)
See more images and photos: here

Sex Pot Revenge x KERA Collab Cutsew ($18)
See more images and photos: here

See more items on my storenvy:
Shipping prices will be calculated for you during your checkout!

Feedback can be found on my storenvy.
Previously before my storenvy, I also sold items here, so I have LJ feedback:

Thank you for looking!

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