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18 January 2014 @ 01:55 pm
{ selling } doujinshi promotion, yaoi goods, & a question!  

>> Hey everyone! Here are items we're selling! We take Paypal personal gift payments and prefer to ship within the U.S. (but you can contact us if you are international... it's just the shipping costs a lot). Most prices include shipping within the U.S. but please double check with us. Also, may be willing to haggle a tiny bit if you're polite ^^

>> Also wondering if anyone is interested in a Saint Seiya Gold Saint Gemini Saga & Grand Pope Ares set (I think that's what it is called?) and maybe a large chibi Shiki (Togainu no Chi) figure. One of my friends has these and she is just curious if anyone would be interested. I do not actually have the items myself, but I am in contact with her. Just thought I might ask on her behalf. ^^

Choose 5 doujinshi from a selection of 17 (mostly Prince of Tennis & 2 Naruto) for a flat rate of $10 shipped (within the U.S.) !!!
Also, I have 3 (three) extra doujinshi (Prince of Tennis) that are small copy books. 1 will be included with the first 3 orders of 5 doujinshi! (I hope I'm wording that correctly... if you're confused, just message me and I'll try to explain better! :3)

>> Other items include Prince of Tennis E-Plus doujinshi, Stigma (Kazuya Minekura Japanese color manga), Author's Pet (English language YAOI manga), yaoi goods/paper items, binsen, etc!

>> We also have some freebies that we'll include with every sale (trading cards, small binsen, etc)! Under the cut are lots of pictures, sorry! >.<;

>> Feel free to comment here or message me and I'll do my best to reply quickly! Thanks!

[DOUJINSHI] - most show normal shelf wear as they were purchased by me pre-owned
(Prince of Tennis & Naruto doujinshi)
>> choose up to 5 doujinshi from item code numbers 1-17 for a flat rate of $10 shipped in the U.S. (inquire for international shipping)
*** for the first 3 complete orders (in other words, the first, 2nd, and 3rd sales of 5 dounjinshi for the flat rate) will receive 1 extra doujinshi not pictured below. The extra doujinshi (there are only 3 of them) are shorter books or copy books, so they are being offered as extras. ONLY 1 EXTRA DOUJINSHI PER ORDER! Extras are all Prince of Tennis

Prince of Tennis "E-Plus" doujinshi
>>> $7 shipped each except E4 which is $5 shipped (because it seems to be less pages than the other books)
>>> OR buy all 5 E-Plus doujinshi for $25 shipped













Author's Pet (English language YAOI manga)
Price: $5

Stigma by Kazuya Minekura - full color (Japanese language)
Price: $8



Samurai Champloo volume 7 (Region 1, English & Japanese audio available)
*** does have some damage to case... normal wear (scuffs) on front of case, back of case has some cuts to the cover/case (see 2nd photo) but the disc itself is in excellent condition. Damage seems to be to the case only.
Price: $5 shipped



Prince of Tennis CDs ($5 each or all Prince of Tennis CDs for $20)

Wonder Land
more info online
Great condition

Koi no Gekidasa Extasy (Prince of Tennis Character CD)
more info online
Great condition, one of my favorites!

character maxi single Prince of Tennis (not sure of the official name, but one of the Megane's ones)
more info online
Great condition

KiraKira Megane's
more info online
Great condition

Billy's Target
more info online
Great condition

Bus Gamer CD

Bus Gamer (TV Animation soundfile) First Press w/ Sticker!
more info online
Great condition, comes with limited edition sticker that matches the cover image!
Price: $12




Kawaii dental sticker sack
Price: $3

Kawaii onigiri sticker sack
Price: $3

Kawaii Toast small paper pad
Price: $1

Kawaii Milk small paper pad
Price: $1

Panda mini paper pad (on left)
Seal (?) mini paper pad (on right)
Price: $2 each or both for $3

Tamago tri-fold wallet (puffy wallet)
Price: $3

Sergeant Frog cell charm
Price: $8

K-Books shitajiki (used condition, so some wear/scuffs/scratches are present)
Price: $5

Rin (Togainu no Chi) puffy cell charm
Price: $2

Youka Nitta special metallic cards
one on left (group) Price: $2
one on right (single guy) Price: $2

Swimmer mini laser mouse "sweets" pattern (pre-owned, still works)
Price: $5

Tactics box with bell & bead bracelet (very cool!!)
Price: $25

KIZUNA playing card set (case has been broken previously see 3rd photo) [pic1] [pic2] [pic3]
Price: $5

Chroma.cc 2008 calendar [pic1] [pic2]
Price: $10

I have a huge selection of these, all numbered in the photos. When requesting, please use the numbers so I can match them up. I tried my best to get the close-up photos in order for you to see the titles/characters/etc. for reference. They are all clear in color if they look like there is tint, it is due to the background I put them on. Sorry for any blurry shots. All are the same size. I have more than one available for certain designs. Just ask.
PRICE: $0.75 each
- #2
- #25
- #26

Wild Adapter notebook
Price: $5
mrsmuraki: pic#58796468mrsmuraki on January 19th, 2014 08:51 pm (UTC)
Hi; I'm definitely interested in the Tamago wallet and the Rin charm. Are the scratches on the K-Books shitajiki super noticeable? I also will probably want the Chroma calendar but there is a slight chance I already have it so I will check my stuff and get back to you. I'm in the U.S., zip 36867. Thanks!
mrsmuraki: pic#58796468mrsmuraki on January 19th, 2014 08:51 pm (UTC)
Oh, whatever clear files you have left I would like as well. :-)
Kitsunegari Sales: PoT: whatsoever we dokitsunegarisale on January 20th, 2014 01:04 am (UTC)
Hihi, thanks for your interest! :3

I have just inspected the shitajiki, and honestly they are quite a few fine scratches to the front and back (and some weird spots that aren't really scratches or dents, but like... spots? IDK) O_o I've tried to capture what they look like in the photos I'll PM to you (big size to show details). And the Chroma calendar plastic sleeve case has the same fine scratches (also in photo) and two "dents" below the "2008". I'll PM you links to those so you can see, as I don't want you to pay for something that isn't as described >.<;

I have the 3 clear files listed above (#'s 2, 25, 26) as well as the charm and the wallet. I'll include details in my PM to you if you'd like ^^