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Dreamv Yumetenbo Gyaru, Lolita Bodyline, Sailor Dress, Natsume Yuujinchou Fans, Chess Chocolate Tote

sialor dress
Yumetenbo/Dreamv Heart Ribbon Heels, Blouses, Sandals
Bleach Straps
Trigun Plushs
Natsume Yuujinchou Figure Straps
Lolita Fabric Chess Chocolate
Chess Chocolate Tote Bag
Gothic Lolita Bible

sialor dress
NEW with tags, never worn. Size M. Bought this about a year ago but never worn it. Beige color is the same dress the model is wearing in the stock picture.
$45 shipped US only

NEW with tags, never worn. Size M. Baby blue color is the same dress the model is wearing in the stock picture.
$45 shipped US only

I believe they are dreamv/yumetenbo brand leg warmers (can potentially be arm warmers with minor adjustments possibly). New, never worn at all. One size only. They are light purple (one of the lace is lift up so you can see the pale purple color). Has black bow with heart at top.
$15 shipped US only

Taken with and without flash. Very cute! Size L, USED. Worn 3-4 times and washed. Has tie for bow attached to it. Has lace all the way to hem of top (see close up picture).
$35 shipped in US only

Chess Chocolate Replica Tote Bag and Gothic lolita bible with false japanese nails!
Tote Bag (brand new) = $25
False Gyaru/Lolita Japanese nails = $2 each w/o shipping

Chocolate Rosette Replica Tote Bag
$25 shipped in US

All three have been looked at so they are used condition, however, they are still in great condition. I am second owner. All three books have great Lolita pictures featuring Angelic Pretty, Btssb, and more. GLB features Aya from Psycho Le Cemu and Miyavi and more. The Gothic Lolita Bible is unfortunately missing several pages, I bought it this way at a used book store and was unaware of these damages before hand.
Kera: $8 w/o shipping
GLB: $7 w/o shipping

Teddy Bears Fabric, never used. Perfect to make a skirt or jsk or anything you want!
Each yard: $10 w/o shipping

Tried on but didn't like the color on me. Bodyline's price is $53 w/o shipping and with the cheapest shipping is $63 total. I only bought this and tried on twice, I didn't even wore it out of the room; one of the stirring straps popped out in the back but I received it this way from Bodyline and this can be easily sew back so no problem at all. Practically new condition.
I am asking for $50 shipped in US. I am also willing to trade for other pieces of similar pricing from Bodyline as well! :)


Chess Chocolate Replica Tote Bag PINK
$25 shipped in US paid as gift only; $27 with regular invoice

Photobucket Midsummer Night's Dream Fabric; one piece. Length is about 43 inches and width is about 28 inches (beginner measurements)!!!! There is no flaws with this piece at all. $35 + $5 shipping in US

Chocomint Bow Hairties (Red and Purple) - $8 shipped

Here is close up of the purple one:



Bleach straps. New, never used. $7 each w/o shipping
Yoruichi sold


SID never used posters. All four members. Shinji and Yuya are on the other side of Mao and Aki. Taken out of magazine so has little white line and jagged edges on the bottom bottom but this can easily be cut off. $8 for both w/o shipping


Yoruichi keychain. $5 without shipping


Bleach,new, never used. $4 each without shipping. Buy four and get the fifth free.

Vash Plush, brand new. $15 w/o shipping

Lot of plushies, a Naruto Gaara strap and a Kakashi keychain. Entire lot = $9


DN Angel Sticker Pad. I took out some samples to show you but the one you get will be completely brand new. There are lots more pages of stickers than shown, the ones shown are randomly taken out for samples. $6 w/o shipping


Prince of Tennis Chibi Keychains, new. $5 each w/o shipping
Renji. Lost packaging so not new but never used! $1 w/o shipping
Garra. $3 w/o shipping



Natsume Yuujinchou Nyanko Sensei straps. Took out of plastic wrap to take picture of but completely unused and brand new. $5 each w/o shipping
Buy two for $8 w/o shipping
Buy 3 for $15 and get fourth free w/o shipping



New, never used. $12 each + $3 shipping in US only = $15 if paid as gift (paying normal invoice then I have have to add on paypal fees)
Pink Fan Sold Photobucket 3D phone sticker jewelry seals, brand new! $7 each w/o shipping or $15 shipped for both in US only if paid as gift

Photobucket 3D Japanese Fashion False Nails $3 each w/o shipping or $10 shipped for all three if paid as gift

Photobucket Kenta Kamamari, Tenimyu Actor Photobook. Obi is wrinkled and a bit torn in the back but the rest of the photobook is completely intact and very much in great condition because I only looked it a few times. $12 w/o shipping


Lolita Chess Chocolate Fabric
Mistake is that fabric is lighter than original and upside down chess pieces. Measurements is about length 3 by 3 feet each piece. I have like two pieces. (Not accurate measurements!)
$32 + $5 shipping in US for one piece only

Chinese Dress worn twice. Still in very great condition. Size small.
$10 w/o shipping





Dreamv Purple Ribbon Bow Shoes
Worn twice. Soles are fine but slight wear on the actual heels. Some small dents in the back. See picture.
$35 shipped in US paid as gift


Note: The mint color is a tad lighter than it is in this picture; it's more an lighter minter green and more attractive in life than in picture in my opinion, lol. Size M. I am a 6.5 to 7.5 US size and they fit me perfectly with no room in the back. So they are just perfect for me so I wouldn't recommend going over this size.
Price: $40 shipped in US only paid as gift only

Plaid skirt; tried on several times. Still in great condition! Price: $8 w/o shipping
Frills and Lace White Skirt. Bought new and worn a few times. Great condition. Price: $15 w/o shipping

Offbrand Gyaru Dress. Bought new and never worn! Almost new condition. Price: $18 w/o shipping

IMAG2780Secret Shop Socks Black, New, never worn $14 shipped in US, $18 shipped elsewhere paid as paypal gift

Secret Shop socks brand new. $14 shipped in country paid as gift only


IMAG4190Brand new with tags. Worn 3-4 times and washed.  Dreamv/yumetenbo light yellow blouse. Size LL. I am size small-medium and the L size fits me perfectly. So I assume LL size will be slightly better so I recommend this for those who wear size medium-large blouses.
Price: $25


IMAG4192USED. Worn 3-4 times and washed. Dreamv/yumetenbo light yellow blouse. Size LL. I am size small-medium and the L size fits me perfectly. So I assume LL size will be slightly better so I recommend this for those who wear size medium-large blouses.
Price: $28 shipped in country paid as gift; $30 paid with regular invoice .

Dreamv/Yumetenbo sandals. The pink ribbon looks magenta here but it looks more hot pink in real life. Brand new and never worn at all. Size S. I am shoe size 6.5-7.5 and this is a bit small for me. Recommended for shoe size 6.5 and under. Price: $30 shipped US

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