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05 May 2014 @ 03:09 am
Selling VK Merchandise  
I have a number of vk related things that need to go to new homes. CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, stickers, photobooks, photosets, towels, and/or cheki of the following bands: Kisnate, Virgil, Sendai Kamotsu, Dio, XIBALBA, Wizard, juliadoll, Lycaon, Danger Gang, Matenrou Opera, MoNoLith, Izabel Varosa, Duel Jewel, v[neu], Velgreed, Mask, Phantasmagoria, Secilia Luna, a:Vout, Garret, EREMIA, Necromance, Saruin, -qiche-, Saga, Karakuri, Kiteru!Band, Alumi Land, Sugar, Kami, and Genshoku Atom.

Please take a look if interested!

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