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I may or may not have the ulterior motive of getting more people into the Weiss Schwarz tcg

Trading cards, Figurines, Anime DVDs, Video Games, and more!
All prices include shipping unless otherwise noted. Open to international shipping, haggling, and trades!

Please check us out!

Selling the Madoka Magica Weiss Schwarz trial deck sealed + 25 booster cards for $35, shipping included!

Chobits art book "For Your Eyes Only" (English) $25

Pokemon cards: $15 each, $25 together


Kaito Figma- $30

Ryougi Shiki 1/8th PVC - $40

Street Fighter PlayArts Sakura - MIB NBO $50

Sailor Moon: $45 (1st edition with extra faces)
Sailor Mercury: $28
Sailor Mars: $28
(All the scouts are $85 together)


Kingdom Hearts games (PS2): $15 each, get all three for $40

999 DS game (prequel to Virtue's Last Reward) - $20

Noein - $10
Only works for Region 2 (UK)

Hikaru no Go - $12
Only works for Region 3 (China)

Dennou Coil - $15
Only works Region 4 (Austrailia)

Shipping not included, Buy them all for $30!
Tags: anime, artbooks, collectibles, franchise: sailor moon, toys
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