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Shoujo Manga for Sale

Come browse dreams_store for volumes of shoujo manga to read!

Sneak peak:
DNAngel COMPLETE SET volumes 1-9 (Like new condition) $40
Fall in Love Like a Comic COMPLETE SET volumes 1-2 (Like new condition) $10
Full Moon O Sagashite COMPLETE SET volumes 1-7 $33
Hana Kimi volumes 1-2 (New condition, never read) $10
Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs volumes 1-3 (Great condition) $13
Kare Kano volumes 1-15* (Various conditions but all in good condition or better. Different shades for book covers because I've bought from various places) $55
Kitchen Princess COMPLETE SET volumes 1-10 (Like new condition) $45
Metamo Kiss volume 1 (Good condition) $4
Momotte! Mamotte! Lollipop COMPLETE SET volumes 1-7 (Like new condition) $33
Tsubasa: Revoir Chronicle volumes 1-3 (New condition, never read) $14
Tokyo Mew Mew La Mode COMPLETE SET volumes 1-2 (Good condition) $8
Sakugana No Shana volumes 1-2 (Like new condition) $10
Yurara volumes 1-2 (New condition, never read) $10

Click HERE for post details~ & make sure to check out additional information at my store!

I've also added new, cute clothing items from Asia

all at dreams_store <3
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