ose93 (ose93) wrote in garagesalejapan,

WTB: Used 1/4 Male BJD

Hello, I am looking to buy my first bjd, my budget for a used one would be $150. I am not interested in recasts.

Mystic Kids is having a sale right now and I was planning to buy their Illy boy for $220 including shipping (since it seems like a good deal to my very inexperienced eye), but I wanted to see if anyone had one they wanted to sell first.

I am looking for normal or pink skin (depending on the doll, I know there are variations of tones depending on the company) with a face up.

Even if I don't find a used doll and end up buying Illy, I am interested in 1/4 size wigs, shoes, and maybe clothes. I'm going to be making clothes myself once he comes in, but I think it would be nice to have an outfit prepared as well.

I'm mostly interested in a short black wig, but if you have a 1/4 wig that you want to sell, feel free to show me. I might see something I like. ^^

Edit: I really liked the Kid Delf Luts dolls, but new ones are totally out of my price range once shipping fees and face ups are added... So if you're selling a Kid Delf Luts doll, I would understand wanted to sell it for more than $150 used. And if that's the case feel free to show me what you've got and how much you want to sell him for.
Tags: dolls: bjd
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