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Free!, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Bleach, and more behind the cut!

Hi everyone!

This is a new items + reposting things from my last that didn't sell in case anyone missed anything!

The prices listed are flexible, you can feel free to make an offer. I do not accept trades.

Message me with what you're interested in and your zip code/country and I can give you a shipping estimate and total. 8)

There's some Free!, Kingdom Hearts, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Bleach, Gravitation, and more!

Thanks for looking!

$5 - Prinny, Prinny Kurtis, Big Sis Prinny

 photo prinny.jpg
 photo kurtisprinny.jpg
 photo bigsisprinny.jpg

$4 - Ichigo, Byakuya, Yoruichi, Urahara, Kamina, Gabumon backpack, Ryuichi Sakuma, kneeling Hello Kitty in kimono, Piplup

 photo ichigo.jpg
 photo byakuya.jpg
 photo yoruichi.jpg
 photo urahara.jpg
 photo kaminap.jpg
 photo gabumon.jpg
 photo ryuichi.jpg
 photo kitty.jpg
 photo littlepiplup.jpg

$12 - Roxas, Axel, Rokudo Mukuro

 photo roxas.jpg
 photo axel.jpg
 photo mukuro.jpg

$8 - Kumagorou, Yoshi, Piyoko

 photo kumagorou.jpg
 photo yoshi.jpg
 photo piyoko.jpg

$5 - FFVIII Quistis Trepe figures

 photo Quistis.jpg

$4 - Takuto from Star Driver

 photo Takuto.jpg

$3 - Rokudo Mukuro figures

 photo Mukurodoctor.jpg
 photo Mukuroopen.jpg
 photo Mukuroclosed.jpg

$3 - Laharl, Axel, Plenair, Vaan, AC Cloud

 photo Disgaea.jpg
 photo Vaan.jpg
 photo Cloud.jpg

$10 - Persona 4 - brand new, unopened

 photo 20140506_213510.jpg

$5 Persona 3

 photo 20140506_213518.jpg

$5 Gackt Diabolos tour 2005 DVD

 photo 20140506_213503.jpg

$1 - Dir en Grey wristband purchased at concert several years ago

 photo unnamed4.jpg

$8 - hide keychain from the hide museum

 photo Hide.jpg

$4 - Kamina keychain

 photo Kamina.jpg

Bleach Keychains - $2 each standalone or $1 each when purchasing other items, pins $2

There are a ton of these so bear with me 8)

 photo various.jpg
Ichigo crab hands, Ikkaku beachwear, Renji beachwear

 photo Rukias.jpg
Rukia prisoner, Rukia school uniform, Rukia shinigami

 photo various2.jpg
Nell, Ulquiorra, Kira, Yoruichi, Hisagi

 photo Renjis.jpg
Renji pin, Renji beachwear x2, Renji school uniform, Renji shinigami

 photo pairs1.jpg
Yamajii and Komamura set, Rukia and Kon set

 photo pairs2.jpg
Hisagi and Tousen set, Yoruichi and Soifon set

 photo pairs3.jpg
Matsumoto and Hitsugaya set, Byakuya and Renji set, Ikkaku and Yumichika set

 photo Grimmjows.jpg
Grimmjow keychain, Grimmjow strap

 photo Hitsugaya.jpg
Hitsugaya beach, Hitsugaya cupid, Hitsugaya Shinigami, Hitsugaya bankai strap

 photo Ikkakus.jpg
Ikkaku shinigami, Ikkaku school uniform

 photo Matsumoto.jpg
Matsumoto bikini, Matsumoto shinigami

 photo Ichigos.jpg
Ichigo school uniform, Ichigo vizard, Ichigo and Nell strap

 photo Byakuyas.jpg
Byakuya in a pot with a starfish on his head(?!)x2, Byakuya beachwear x2, Byakuya shinigami

 photo Ginpin.jpg
Gin pin

 photo unnamed3.jpg
Hitsugaya pin, Byakuya pin

$3 each - Katekyo Hitman Reborn! keychains, Hibari, Yamamoto, Gokudera

 photo 801859.jpg

$8 each - Free! keychains

 photo rinuniform.jpg

 photo rinbathingsuit.jpg

 photo mako.jpg

$8 each - Free! stick posters -- I have both the Rin poster pictured and the Rei poster

 photo reirinstick.jpg

I accept paypal only. I do not accept trades and I am absolutely open to negotiating so feel free to make me an offer. For previous feedback you can go to

Thank you~!

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