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Rare Fate/Zero Doujin for Sale!

I have two rare, meaty Fate/Zero doujinshi for sale, both focusing heavily on Lancer!

Title: Enou (Flaming Cherry Blossoms)
Circle: sabbath
Pairings: Lancer x Saber
Condition: Very Good
Details: A re-telling of the Japanese folktale of the famous warrior Yoshitsune, with Saber as Yoshitsune and Lancer as her faithful vassal Benkei. Over 100 pages of beautiful artwork! I think this artist really gets down Lancer and Saber's friendship/affinity as warriors well while also introducing a romantic element.
Back Cover, Sample Page 1, Sample Page 2, Sample Page 3, Sample Page 4
Asking Price (includes shipping within the US): $20

Title: Taitasu no Nikuya (The Butcher Shop of Titas)
Circle: Futairo
Pairings: Lancer x Kayneth, Saber x Irisviel, shota! Kirei + shota! Gilgamesh x Tokiomi, Berserker x Kariya
Condition: Very Good
Details: Various macabre stories featuring Fate/Zero characters: the main story, The Butcher Shop of Titas, concerns the lives of three workers (Saber, Lancer and Kariya) who work as a strange butcher shop that sells meat that resembles humans. In Children of the Land of Yellow, Tokiomi adopts two beautiful but very strange children, Kirei and Gilgamesh. All the stories share the same adorable but occasionally grotesque art and dark themes, although things never get explicit. Over 100 pages.
Sample Page 1, Sample Page 2, Sample Page 3, Sample Page 4
Asking Price (includes shipping within the US): $20

I accept payment via Paypal, via
See my seller feedback here.
If you have any questions/would like further details on any of my items, feel free to let me know.
Thank you!
Tags: doujinshi

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