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For Sale [WTS] Figurine & Kuroshitsuji Merchandise


If you can provide them a good home, please PM me or email me at hayate-morcef[@]hotmail[.]com (remove brackets)

They are in excellent condition and never opened before MISB

Feel free to browse around the items I own and private message me if you are interested.

Items for sale:


Pencil Board: £6

File: £8

As a fellow collector, I would like for my collection to go to someone who appreciates them. Parts are available only if you can find someone to take the rest. Prices are based on roughly the prices I bought them for.

If you are curious on how I package the nendoroid, just take a look below! I just made this, courtesy of Fate and her new home:


1) First is to source for a box! A box that is slightly bigger than the figure(s) and is thick would be excellent!

2) Next is to examine the figurine again, to make sure that they are of excellent condition before I put them into the transporting box

3) Then, place the cushioning material inside the box, not too much to the extend the the package is compact, otherwise any bumps will cause the figurine box to be dented. But not too little, otherwise the box will not be properly protected. Sounds complicated, but it is easy once you learn to estimate the amount needed!

4) Next is to weigh the package, add about 30-50g as the large paper has to be wrapped around the package, so that the shipping fee can be calculated

5) Wrap the parcel and it's done!


Don't be afraid to approach me to ask inquiry about my figurines. What's more important is if they can go to a good home! I don't want them to have a head or limb missing!! I do have some form of attachment with them since they are part of my private collection

Shipping from Singapore and parcel will be registered and sent via local courier Singpost and tracking number provided so that you can monitor the progress of the journey.

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