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CardCaptor Manga question

Hi everybody - I hope this sort of question is allowed.

Baiscally I've been in this community for a little while [hi!] trying to get a full collection of CardCaptor Sakura manga [both the original series and Master of the Clow] in English, however there doesn't seem to be a simple Volume 1, 2, 3, etc. order to it. Well there is, but, well basically I'm very confused.

Over on Anime News Network, they list the English CCS manga as:
2000-03-06 (English Volume 1)
2000-12-04 (English Volume 2)
2001-04-23 (English Volume 3)
2001-08-10 (English Volume 4)
2001-11-26 (English Volume 5)
2002-04-16 (English Volume 6)
2002-08-20 (English Volume 7)
2002-12-10 (English Volume 8)
2003-02-04 (English Volume 9)
2003-04-08 (English Volume 10)
2003-06-10 (English Volume 11)
2003-08-05 (English Volume 12)
2003-10-07 (English Box Set 1)
2004-05-04 (English Box Set 2)
2004-07-06 (English Volume 1 Re-Release)
2004-09-14 (English Volume 2 Re-Release)
2004-11-09 (English Volume 3 Re-Release)
2005-02-08 (English Volume 4 Re-Release)

Okay so, for example could I buy Volume 2 from 2000 and it would fit into my collection if it turned out I had Volume 1 and 3 of the re-release? Like, are they interchangeable?

I've already bought a few volumes of CCS from [lovely!] people on here, but at the time I wasn't aware of the re-releases. I've heard people say that vol 1,2,3,4 is really 6,7,8, etc. I'm really trying to get the full collection [as in,the entire story, not a collection of the original manga AND then the re-releases], so I'd appreciate any clarification on what I should be looking out for!

Thank you so much!
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