⌒☆Red (redstars) wrote in garagesalejapan,

SO I just bought the set of these (they are tiny charms!) because I couldn’t find singles and all I wanted was Kakashi and Sakura SO I’m letting the rest go.

First come first serve, I will likely be getting these later this month/early January (it all depends on how long shipping takes). If you’re interested in any please comment here! I’m asking $10 each +$6 shipping (shipping is the same no matter how many you buy). I don’t need you to pay right away, but you can if you’d like! I’ll make note of it if you do.

I have a feedback post on my journal that links to my feedback on other sites as well. All of it is positive!

1. Naruto (regular) - taken tenshikinryoku @ tumblr
2. Sakura (regular) - mine
3. Sasuke (regular) - OPEN
4. Kakashi (regular) - mine
5. Itachi - OPEN
6. Deidara - OPEN
7. Gaara - OPEN
8. Naruto (special) - OPEN
9. Sakura (special) - OPEN
10. Sasuke (special) - OPEN
11. Kakashi (special) - OPEN
12. Naruto (secret) - OPEN

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