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Prophet of an art immovable to old idolatries.

Naruto goods - Mostly Uchiha

Getting rid of some of my Naruto things.

Open to price negotiation on everything.

Official merchandise includes: San Diego Comic Con Itachi & Sasuke (unopened), Limited Edition items from JUMP shops and the Naruto theme park in 2012, mostly Sasuke/Itachi/Team Taka items.

Doujinshi includes: Itachi/Sasuke-centric doujinshi, signed Mutsumix books, Mutsumix washcloth and goodies, Akatsuki doujinshi, KakuHidan doujinshi (including Rauhreif).

LE Sasuke & Itachi notepad - 8$
LE Mangekyou Sharingan kaleidoscope keychain - 8$
Itachi & Sasuke mini figures - 4$ each
(candies + bagged figures not for sale)
Sasuke + hawk Petit Chara figure (still wrapped) - 10$
Young Sasuke zipper pull - 7$

Deidara pin - 4$
Gashopan figures - Sasuke, Minato, Kushina - 5$ each

LE Team Taka tote bag - 30$
LE Sasuke & Itachi plastic folders 12$ set
LE Itachi handkerchief - 15$

Sasuke & Itachi figurines (stands gone) - 7$ each
Naruto (x2) & Orochimaru Petit Chara w/box - 6$ each

Official San Diego Comic Con LE Sasuke & Itachi figurines. They only light up when together, and I will only sell them as a set. Will negotiate a price.

Mutsumix poster book (non-pairing, though the cover looks it) - 15$
SIGNED Mutsumix anthology 200+ pages (includes envelope with postcard and bookmarks) - pretty much non-pairing as well. - 24$
Itachi/Sasuke doujin by Emi & Kasumi - 8$
Itachi/Sasuke washcloth - 10$

First 5 are by Rauhreif. Sixth another KakuHidan. The rest are Akatsuki-centric (the one with Gaara on the cover is about Sasori). Name a price. I’ll take what I can get.

PAYPAL ONLY. I ship from the United States, and will ship internationally. Customer pays for shipping. I will provide tracking if you pay for it, or other proof of shipment if not.

I have the right to decline sales to anyone I am uncomfortable selling to.

I also have an extensive doujinshi collection centered around Madara - HashiMada, MadaTobi, MadaObi, & HashiTobi, as well as non-pairing books about him & Hashirama. Please contact me for details.
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