❥that lovestruck fluffy princess (meromoko) wrote in garagesalejapan,
❥that lovestruck fluffy princess

selling a docomo x popteen android phone :)

Docomo F-03D Girls’ model, who collab’d with Popteen magazine to create this cutie. This is an android phone. Opened but not actually used; so it's in like new condition.

Comes with original charger, stylus, extra plate (the plate over the back of where the battery is can be switched from the pink one to a gold one), and a clear hard silicone case.

This should work as long as you have one of the smaller SIM cards to insert into it. As far as I know, within the USA, Docomo phones work best on ATT, Sprint, and T-Mobile. I have ATT and I was able to use it to call/get calls/text just fine. :)

Asking $150 + shipping for it. If you live in the USA, I'll give you free shipping!
Tags: tech
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