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03 March 2006 @ 04:03 am
Anime and J-rock Items For Sale  
Hello all! I am in need of some quick cash and have the following items available in my selling journal:


Gligamesh - Art Box, DVD Volume 1, and poster $15
Texnolyze - Art Box, DVD Volume 1, and 3D Lenticular Onsert $15
Virus Buster Serge (Group) Pencil Board $5
Angelique (Group) Pencil Board $5
Weiss Kreuz (Aya) Pencil Board $5
Sayuki (Group) Pencil Board $5

For pictures and to reserve an item, please see this entry.


What's In Magazine 12/03 featuring Hyde $4
Oricon Magazine 12/03 and 7/02 featuring Gackt $5 each
UV Vol 98 featuring Gackt and Merry, along with J, Kiyoharu, and Buck Tick. $7
Penicillin - Japanese Industrial Students Single with Hakuei Card $6
Gackt - Six Day First Press Release $15
Kids Wanna Rock! $30 - This CD is a tribute to Hideki Saijo and features contributions from Gackt, Rolly, Mitsuru Matsuoka, and Diamond Yukai. (a rare item!)
Gackt - Secret Garden Single Promo Poster - $50 (a very rare item!)

For pictures and to reserve an item, please see this entry.

I accept paypal only and will ship internationally. However, please do not reserve an item if you cannot pay for it by Tuesday, March 7th.

Thank you!
Indouindou on March 3rd, 2006 03:04 pm (UTC)
As a completely random side note, teh bunny is adorable