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Anime and J-rock Items For Sale

Hello all! I am in need of some quick cash and have the following items available in my selling journal:


Gligamesh - Art Box, DVD Volume 1, and poster $15
Texnolyze - Art Box, DVD Volume 1, and 3D Lenticular Onsert $15
Virus Buster Serge (Group) Pencil Board $5
Angelique (Group) Pencil Board $5
Weiss Kreuz (Aya) Pencil Board $5
Sayuki (Group) Pencil Board $5

For pictures and to reserve an item, please see this entry.


What's In Magazine 12/03 featuring Hyde $4
Oricon Magazine 12/03 and 7/02 featuring Gackt $5 each
UV Vol 98 featuring Gackt and Merry, along with J, Kiyoharu, and Buck Tick. $7
Penicillin - Japanese Industrial Students Single with Hakuei Card $6
Gackt - Six Day First Press Release $15
Kids Wanna Rock! $30 - This CD is a tribute to Hideki Saijo and features contributions from Gackt, Rolly, Mitsuru Matsuoka, and Diamond Yukai. (a rare item!)
Gackt - Secret Garden Single Promo Poster - $50 (a very rare item!)

For pictures and to reserve an item, please see this entry.

I accept paypal only and will ship internationally. However, please do not reserve an item if you cannot pay for it by Tuesday, March 7th.

Thank you!
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