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Hi all,

I'm selling some things to make some room and hopefully give them a home where they'll be better appreciated and used than they are now. :)

I have:

Gackt Soyokaze video ft. the PVs for 12 Gatsu no Love Song and Another World +making ofs

Gackt Mirror video ft. PVs for Mirror and Oasis+making ofs

Gackt Requiem et Reminiscence tour book

Gravitation manga vol. 2, 9, 11 (Japanese)

B'z and Pool Bit Boys mini disc singles

plus other items

If interested please check out the pictures and additional information

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These books are a decent start for beginning Japanese students. Neither teaches Kana or Kanji though so they're better for those persuing a casual, beginning interest in Japanese. The tall Japanese-English dictionary goes with Learn Japanese the Fast and Fun Way and therefore in not available seperately.

Japanese for Fun $2.00
Japanese the Fast and Fun Way $4.00 both have minor shelf wear.(HOLD)

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Gravi volumes 2, 9, 11. Japanese. All Kanji have furigana reading. Excellent condition.

$3.00 each

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All good condition. All but the Slayers soundtrack and Evangelion soundtrack are all-region DVDs.

$3.00 each

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Mini disc singles. I used to collect these, so these have only been listened to once or twice to check for skipping (neither do.) In plastic sleeves with all inserts.

$2.00 each

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Brother starring BEAT Takeshi. Still in plastic. Japanese no subtitles


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Gackt Soyokaze video. Featuring the music videos for ANOTHER WORLD and 12 Gatsu no Love Song plus making ofs for both and some crazy video that he and You shot in NY. I didn't catch all of it but it seems to continue the story from the 12gatsu PV. This video has been watched only a few times and the case is in excellent condition.


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Gackt Mirror video. Features the PVs for Mirror and OASIS plus making ofs. Also includes a mini disc with some story on it narrated by Gackt. I checked it for skipping (none), but never actually listened to it so I have no idea as to the content of the story. Sorry. This case is showing it's age. The plastic cover is a bit warbled (as seen in the picture) and there is a minor chip in the bottom right corner that was there when I got it. The video is in perfect condition, however; as is the CD.

$8.00 Please give this a good home! I love this tape.

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Gackt Requiem et Reminiscence tour book. Hard cover and in excellent condition. I've kept in in plastic.



Shipping will vary based on size and weight of item. I will ship to the U.S. and Canada. I can accept only money orders, cash (NOT recommended and at own risk), or checks (item will not ship until check has cleared.) If you absolutely need to pay by paypal I can possibly work something out.

Insurance is $1.50 extra and included only at the request of the buyer. I will ship all items at the cheapest available rate unless requested otherwise (estimated $5-$6 per item for heavier items such as video tapes and the tourbook. $2-$3.75 for all others.) If you would like to purchase multiple items I will combine shipping.

If interested please email me at with what you would like and your zip code. Do not comment here. I will figure out shipping and give you the total. I will try and ship all items within 5 days of receiving payment (with the exception of checks.)

Thank you for your interest and feel free to email me at with any questions you may have!
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