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THINGS FOR SALE! manga, back issues of Newtype, jpop and jrock!

i have a lot of extra things i want GONE! i'm trying to save up for a few pet projects and would love to just sell these things. i'm even willing for trades on certain items! no prices are listed, just give me a good offer. i take checks, money orders and well concealed cash (at your own risk). :) hope you find something you like!
sorry the pictures are terrible D:

1: Issue of Shonen Jump (July 2003-4?)
2: Angel's Wing #2
3: Phoenix by Osamu Tezuka

4: Juvenial Orion #1
5: Tokyopop Previews 2003
6: Shonen Jump preview manga

all Newtypes come with DVD stated on cover.
-Oct. 2003 Newtype
-March '04 Newtype
-Hide - Junk Story (trade only)
-Dec. '03 Newtype

15: Hello Kitty wallet
16: "The Anime Con Party Animal" badge
17: Lovely White purse
19: "YOU WILL LOVE THE PEOPLE'S JPOP" pin with Stalin on it.

20: Ayumi Hamasaki - RAINBOW (CD scratched, but plays well, case cracked somewhat)
21: Holidays/Going Steady 4-track CD.
22: green Tigger bag.

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