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01 September 2015 @ 12:18 pm
looking for a complete, working copy of the us/ca version of wild arms 5. don't care about the anniversary stuff and i'm looking for a good deal!

also looking for a 3ds (or xl) at a good price. must include stylus and wall charger, prefer no red or black (prefer blue or pink; i might pay a LITTLE bit more for limiteds, but i'm not interested in the mario or luigi ones unless it's a really good deal). sd card optional since i can get one super cheap. probably not interested in a bundle since there is only a limited number of games i want, but try me.

must not have gross smudges, dents, nasty gooey sticky keys with gunk under them. basically if you're nasty, get out of here. i don't want it. :/

also looking for njpw stuff! lmk what you have, especially if it's okada or tanahashi!