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MALICE MIZER Merveilles tour DVD needs home!

I'd like to get rid of my MALICE MIZER's Merveilles L'Espace official DVD, which I purchased from the Seattle Kinokuniya in er... 2003 I think.


There's nothing wrong with it, I'm only sending it on to a new home because I got a shiny new copy when I bought the Merveilles box (this was last year 8D I'm slow). It retails for ¥4800 and I paid $63 for it in person +_+ I'd be happy to part with it for $50 including shipping, but if this seems unfair and you want a crack at it go ahead and make an offer. XD

Paypal is preferred, but I guess I don't mind money orders or concealed cash at your own risk. Shipping would be more if you live outside of north america. :x
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