Quin (quintaessentia) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Fullmetal Alchemist | Final Fantasy VII (Yubinbasya) | D·N·Angel | Kingdom Hearts | & more

Mostly doujinshi for sale, but there are some other goodies available too.
Some items are just a penny!

My Tictail store isn't set up for international shipping, so if you are outside the US, either PM or email me for a shipping quote. :)

Also, my prices aren't set in stone, so if you want to make me a lower offer -- especially if you are purchasing several items -- please PM/email me. I might be able to give you a better deal on shipping too. (Sorry. Tictail's shipping system is a bit wonky.)

If you'd like to see my feedback on previous transactions, you can view it here.

Click here or on the image below for my Tictail store.

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Tags: anime, artbooks, doujinshi, fliers, manga: english
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