Leyann (yaten_k) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Tenshi ni Narumon, Morning Musume, Earthian, RahXephon, Ringu...

"Tenshi ni Narumon" lot (1 DVD + 1 shitajiki) -- $12
Note: This is the first DVD (region 1) in the series, and has been autographed by the English voice actress of Noelle (in light blue marker on the left... if you want better photos, then just ask). Both items are in excellent condition.

"Morning Musume" lot (1 plastic clipboard file + 2 rulers) -- $6
Note: These were furoku items included in Nakayoshi (Issue 9, from 2002). Both rulers feature manga images of the Morning Musume girls, while the clip file features both live and manga images. All three items are in excellent condition.

"Earthian" DVD -- $7
Note: Region 1. DVD is used, but in excellent condition.

"RahXephon: The Movie" DVD -- $6
Note: Region 1. This was a promo copy, and the back of the case where the barcode is located has had a small hole punched through it. Unfortunately, the booklet inside was also punched through. More pictures of damage provided upon request. The DVD, however, is in excellent condition.

"Ringu" DVD -- $7
Note: Region 1. In excellent condition.

All items do not include shipping. I might accept trades for the following:

-Cell phone straps/charms featuring anime/game/sentai characters.
-North American Sailormoon plushies (Pluto, Mars, Jupiter, Moon)
-Random sentai items

I accept PayPal and Money Orders as forms of payment. Any other questions? Please ask. Thanks. ^_^
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