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Yaoi, Shounen Ai, Seinen, Shogo Manga/Novels for sale/trade

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Manga/Novels for sale or trade.  Shipping additional unless noted otherwise. Payment by Paypal or US Postal MO only. Photos available of all. Prices negociable for orders of more than one book or set. Shipping in USA $4 first book, $1.50 each additional by media mail OR $5.99 Priority (up to 4 books).  I will ship outside the USA with restrictions-inquire. Comments are off, PM me with any inquiries. Thanks!

Yaoi / Shounen Ai (as priced + shipping):

  1. Hero Heel Volume 1-3 Complete SET by Makoto Tateno $45 set of 3 only

  2. Breath volume 1 by Chifumi Ochi, like new, minor edge wear. $30

  3. Breath volume 3 by Chifumi Ochi, very good, minor edge wear, top of spine rough $60

  4. Ze Volume 7 by Yuki Shimizu, new in plastic $16

  5. Teahouse Chapter 2 by Emirain, new $25

  6. Teahouse Chapter 3 by Emirain, new $25

  7. Teahouse Chapter 4 by Emirain, new $25

  8. Yakuza Cage by Shinano Oumi, new $40

  9. My Bad by Rize Shinba, new $28

  10. Love Syndrome by Yura Miyazawa, like new minor shelf wear $13

  11. Your Love Sickness by Hayate Kuku, new in plastic $50

  12. Yellow 2 Episode 1 by Makoto Tateno, new in plastic $15

  13. Croquis by Hinako Takanaga, like new minor shelf wear $16

  14. Naughty but Nice by Nakuki Koujima, like new minor shelf wear-light scratches to back cover $13

  15. Honey Chocolate by Nanao Okuda, like new minor shelf wear $13

  16. Hetalia Axis Powers Volume 3 by Hidekaz himaruya, new, may have minor shelf wear $16

  17. Innocent Bird Volume 1 by Hiotaka Kisaragi, like new, minor age tanning and shelf wear $13

  18. Innocent Bird Volume 2 by Hiotaka Kisaragi, very good, minor shelf wear, one crease on back cover, black mark on end pages $13

  19. Antique Bakery Volume 3 by Fumi Yoshinaga, good, some shelf wear, discoloration on bottom of cover in corner $7.50

  20. Antique Bakery Volume 4 by Fumi Yoshinaga, good, some shelf wear, DJ has some tears on bottom of spine $19

  21. My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor by Kazuka Minami, new in plastic $45

  22. L'Etiole Solitaire by Yuno Ogami, new in plastic $10

  23. Kizuna Bonds of Love Volume 1 by Kazuma Kodaka, new in plastic $10

  24. His Arrogance by Takashi Kanzaki, new $10

Yaoi/ Shounen Ai ($7.50 each ppd in USA OR $5 each + shipping if bulk ordered)

  1. Tactics Vol 2 by Kazuko Higasgutana & Sakura Kinoshita (very good)

  2. Eerie Queerie Vol 2 by Shuri Shiozu (good)

  3. Banana Fish Vol 4 by Akimi Yoshida (like new)

  4. Black Knight Vol 3 by Kai Tsurugi (excellent condition except for dog eared back cover, minor edge wear and a black mark through bar code)

  5. Treasure by Studio Kawaii (new)

  6. Winter Demon Volume 2 by Yamila Abraham (new)

  7. Until the Full Moon Volume 2 by Sanami Matoh (new)

  8. U Don't Know Me by Rakun (good, has 1/2 rip on cover and first several pages, cover rip has been taped).

  9. Eternal Love (novel) by Minumi Takaoka & Yukariko Jissohji, like new other than slight tanning

Seinen / Shogo Manga  (priced as marked + shipping)

  1. Mijeong by Byun Byung-Jun, new $10

  2. Ranma 1/2 Volume 1 by Rumiko Takahshi, like new $10

Seinen / Shogo Manga  ($7.50 each ppd in USA OR $5 each + shipping if bulk ordered)

  1. Maintenance Volume 1 It's a Dirty Job by Jim Massey & Robbi Rodriguez (ex-library large manga, normal stamps/stickers, clear cover, excellent condition)

  2. Million Tears by Yuana Kazumi (ex-library hardcover, same size as most manga, very good)

  3. Broken Angels Vol 1 by Setsuri Tsuzuki (new)

  4. Broken Angels Vol 2 by Setsuri Tsuzuki (new)

  5. Cromartie High School volume 1 by Eiji Nonaka  (new)

  6. Samurai Deeper Kyo Vol 1 by Akimine Kamijyo (very good)

  7. Spiral:Bonds of Reasoning  Vol 3 by Kyo Shirodaira & Eita Mizuno (new)

  8. Testorotho Vol 1 by Kei Sanbe  (new)

  9. Vampire Doll Vol 1  by Erika Kari (okay, small V tear on cover, dog eared)

  10. Vampire Doll Vol 1  by Erika Kari (new)

  11. Comic, Vol. 4 by SiHyun Ha (new-price sticker on cover)

  12. Comic, Vol 5 by SiHyun Ha (new-price sticker on cover)

  13. Vertigo First Cut by Brian Wood, Rick Veitch, Brian Azzarello, Bill Willingham, Mike Carey, others (FULL COLOR, like new)

  14. Naruto Volume 1 by Masashi Kishimoto (like new)

  15. Full Metal Panic Volume 1 by Shouji Gatou & Retsu Tateo (very good)

  16. Devil's Footprints by Allie, Lee, Horton & Stewart (like new-minor edge wear)

  17. Scurvy Dogs by Andrew Boyd & Ryan Yount (very good-some edge wear & minor creases)

  18. E.V.E. Proto Mecha by Lusen, Lichtner & Garza (new FULL COLOR manga)

  19. The Darkness: Heart of Darkness by Ennis, Wohl, Sylvestri & Benitez (new FULL COLOR manga)

  20. Witch by Matalas, Fickett & Shasteen (like new FULL COLOR manga-minor edge wear)

  21. Dhampire Stillborn by Nancy Collins & Paul Lee (like new FULL COLOR manga-minor edge wear)

  22. Mammoth Book of Best New Manga Volume 3 edited by ILYA (new, most in color, price sticker on front)

  23. Vampire Kisses Blood Relatives Volume 1 by Ellen Schreiber (good-edge wear)

  24. Vampire Kisses Blood Relatives Volume 2 by Ellen Schreiber (good-edge wear)

  25. Metamo Kiss by  Sora Omote (very good-sticker residue on cover)

  26. Omamori Himari Volume 7 by Milan Mataa (new)

  27. Elfworld by Various (new)

  28. Saga Volume 1 by Brian K Vaughan & Fiona Staples (new, minor shelf wear)

OTHER (as priced + shipping):

GuiltPleasure Noir Card Set-SOLD OUT SET OF 8 CARD Limited Edition New $40 (photo at top)

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