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30 May 2019 @ 11:57 pm
[Selling] Tons of Limited Edition Jrock CDs - the GazettE, Dir en grey, lynch, sadie, screw, mucc  
Hi there,

I'm selling a lot of jrock cds (and some DVDs) from older bands. Tons of limited edition or first press stuff, and a few live-limited releases as well. Just around 50 items.

*These are located at my my parents house who I'm visiting between the 17th and 21st of June. I'm putting this post up now to gauge interest since I'll only be able to ship items within that week.

I have stuff from these bands (with some hints of the kinds of goodies available in my sales post):

  • Dir en grey (Despair in the Womb DVD, 5 Ugly Kingdom 1st press DVD with slipcase)

  • Forbidden Days Rhapsody (Canticum the only CD they every released)

  • the GazettE (Juyonsai no naifu live-only CD, Sentimental Video VHS)

  • Girugamesh (Kuukyo no Utsuwa signed by all members, 1st press)

  • lynch. (Shadows limited edition with DVD)

  • Mucc (Aishuu with puzzle, Homura Uta 1st and 3rd press +Suiso)

  • Sadie (Dekiai live limited edition, Master of Romance limited edition with DVD)

  • Satsuki (Awake with comment CD)

  • Screw (Nanairo no Reienka, Fusion of the Core limited edition with DVD, Venom, Virus)

Take a look here!
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