Shiro (pale_heaven) wrote in garagesalejapan,


Okay, so I just got some brand spankin' new sharpies and I have been also on a huge sticker kick lately. Hehe.

So basically, I will draw you a sticker headshot in chibi or regular style of you, your OC, your online avatar, whatever! If you want an OC drawn, please provide a VERY detailed description or a reference pictures. I won't draw furries, mechs, anything gross, etc.

Chibi Style: Regular Style:
(The facial expressions of the chibis may vary so please say what you might want it to look like, or what the personality of the subject is.)

Each only costs fifty cents to one dollar and shipping is another fifty cents!

You can order as many as you want, but if you want over ten, please add a little more for shipping.

I will only ship orders to the US, sorry.

If interested, comment here!
Or e-mail

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