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anime merch, cds, hair dye, japanese language set, and more!

Hi everybody, my friend had to move rather suddenly and left me with some things that need to be sold (preferably immediately as I don't have much room in my house right now). Behind the cut are some cds, anime items, Jrock and Jpop cds, some pink hair dye, a Japanese language box-set, and more!

I ask that you make reasonable offers for everything and if you have any questions I'll answer them as best I can, however, I am not familiar with 97% of the items or series/artists behind them so I don't know how helpful I'll actually be.


edit: since I think the cds I have are bootlegged (I'm not sure as I didn't purchase them) I removed them from this listing, however, you can see them at my selling journal. I have Glay (jrock), Gundam, Evangelion, Furikuri, and many more series up for sale.


Gundam Wing Endless Waltz (English Dub, hard-shell case)

Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks, Ranma 1/2: Darling Charlotte (two episodes, subtitled)

Gundam Stuff

some sort of Gundam figure with removable parts (about 5 inches tall, very detailed - click here for figure close-up)

Gundam Notebook (50 sheets)

Miscellaneous Stuff

Shenmue game (Dreamcast) and strategy guide (can be bought together or separately, though it would be best if you bought both together)

Card Captor Sakura Valentines (no box)

Sailor Moon Book

Manic Panic pink hair dye

Living Language Japanese boxed set (coursebook, dictionary, and 3 cds, original retail price $25) the box is a little banged up but everything else is in wonderful condition, the cds have no visible scratching and the books don't seem to have been used very much either.

I can only accept cash and money orders (sorry, no paypal) - I try to ship all orders out the following business day after receiving a payment but because of my busy school schedule I am usually only able to go to the post office on Fridays, Wednesdays, and occasionally Mondays. Although these items are not mine my shipping and payment policy still applies as I'll be handling the money and I highly recommend you read it BEFORE holding/purchasing anything. To see it, click here. If you would like to see feedback just view my journal, the feedback entry should be towards the bottom.
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