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J Pop/Visual Kei stuff for sale!

Hey All-
I'm moving and have a large collection of Japanese stuff to sell...Please comment or email if you want pics/details or to discuss price.

(items marked ON HOLD means they have been spoken for but not paid for)

Gackt Stuff:
"Just Bring It! Live Tour 2002" Book
"Kimi Ga Oikaketa Yume" Book on hold
Secret Garden CD Single
Gackt Moon CD w. Coffin Charm
Gackt Rebirth CD
Malice Mizer Ma Cherie Book/Single

L'arc-en-ciel/Hyde CDs:
Hyde- Roentgen (special edition with white leatherette cover) ON HOLD

Other CDs;
Judy and Mary- Fresh ON HOLD
Luna Sea- Mother
Luna Sea- Shine
Shazna- Gold Sun and Silver Moon
Shazna- Melty Love single
Globe- Departures Single
Shiina Ringo- Stem single
Kahimi Karie-My first Karie
Mitsuhiro Oikawa- The Encyclopedia of Desire
Tackey&Tsubasa Hatachi- Special Big Envelope w. CD and pictures
Smap- La Festa- MISSING CD! But will send booklet for cost of postage

Gothic&Lolita Bible Vol. 8 (2003) ON HOLD
FRUiTS #45 (from 2001) ON HOLD
Arena 37 No. 190 (IZAM cover, 1998)
Pop Beat October 1998 Malice Mizer Cover
Pop Beat December 1996 Glay Cover
CD Data May 1997 Glay Cover
Ego System Feb. 2002 (Kogal Mag)
Kera June 2003 (Tsuchiya Anna Cover)
Kera Maniacs Vol. 2 (Tsuchiya Anna Cover)

Bosozoku- photos by Masayuki Yoshinaga
Tokyo Love- Photos by Nobuyoshi Araki and Nan Golden
Clover #1 (Clamp)
Paradise Kiss #1

Seitekina Healing 1 & 2, VHS Shiina Ringo

Shipping is from USA (California). Paypal preferred!
Email me at
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