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Re-listing goodies just for you!

hello there! i still have a few items that have got to go. they're fantabulous things, believe me. hehe ;)
so name your own price (please be reasonable) and PAYPAL ONLY. its sad when money gets lost in the mail. pictures of items upon request.

pierrot arm band (never taken out of plastic) (HOLD)
12012 "Increasingly" CD single (played once, great condition)(HOLD)
kagerou "zekkyp psychopath" dvd (viewed once, great condition)(SOLD)
malice mizer "au revoir" single release poster (good condition, some wear around the edges, tacked on wall, 3 years old)

chobits chii plush
princess mermaid by junko mizuno (english, good condition)
this book that's a collection of hentai shorts by yukarigawa yumiya, great art! little censoring (japanese, great condition)
how to draw manga- illustrating battles (english, a little warped because mushed in bookcase)
inuyasha seshomaru poster
yu yu hakusho kurama poster
naruto sasuke and naruto poster
megatokyo poster (signed, my name is on it)
magic knights rayearth chibi poster
(all posters have been pinned to my wall, but otherwise are in pretty good condition)
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