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Evangelion, Apocalypse Meow, RahXephon, Nintendo mag

Hi everyone, I've got the following for sale. Shipping is $3 via first-class mail for 1 item; anything over that will be calculated. International buyers welcome. Paypal preferred but I will accept money orders via snail mail.


Apocalypse Meow, vol. 1: English, read once. Excellent condition, no rips or missing pages. $5

Neon Genesis Evangelion, vol. 7: English, read once. Excellent condition, no rips or missing pages. $5

Monthly Cube (Japanese magazine focusing on Nintendo systems) April 2006 issue, all in Japanese text. Shipping for this is $6.75 because of its weight. Includes a "design guide" for Animal Crossing DS and a comic book with comics based on Kirby, Mario, Crayon Shinchan, and others. Also includes a sticker sheet with Animal Crossing, New Super Mario Bros., Kirby, Shinchan, Pokemon, and something called Densetsu no SUTAFII 4. Feature articles include: 20-page guide on Animal Crossing DS; 7-page guide Mario Kart DS; previews of Pokemon Ranger (?), Children of Mana, New Super Mario Bros., Rockman ZX, Crayon Shinchan, Top Gun, Xenosaga I and II, and lots more; and a bunch of other previews and short reviews. All in excellent condition. $10


RahXephon vol. 7: Domestic release. NEW and unopened. $10

RahXephon the Motion Picture: Pluralitas Concentio: Used, watched at most 3 times. Domestic release. $7

Thanks for looking!

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