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miss k

Selling visual kei indies fliers

About a year ago I offered visual kei indies fliers for sale, and I'm doing it again as I find myself drowning in stacks of them! I am selling them in grab-bag format. This is great for people who collect fliers, are interested in finding out about new bands, and so on. They are being sold as: a set price of $20 for a mix of 30 fliers, or xx amount of fliers for any price over $10 (at a similar ratio). So basically, send me any amount of money, and I'll send you LOTS of fliers. The more you send, the more I'll include. I won't be stingy, believe me ^^; This price includes shipping within America (shipping is extra outside the states. International shipping price depends on how many you want and what country you are from, it would be about $2~5 extra for around 30 fliers).

They will all be full-color, full-sized, non-damaged fliers, and they will be a random assortment from recent visual kei indies bands. I can't do specific requests for all the fliers I include, but if you have a preference of cutesy bands over gothy bands, I'll put together the piles that way, and if you have certain favorite current bands, I will include them if I have any.

Note: This is not a direct flyer requesting, I cannot guarantee I will be able to include all the bands you ask for, but list a lot and I will try to include as many as possible.

I DO NOT have any fliers of:
~Any bands that broke up more than 6 months ago (PLEASE don't ask for Malice Mizer!!)
~Any major or major-like bands such as Dir en grey, Nightmare, Despairs Ray, MUCC, Miyabi, Kagerou, Kagrra (I do have Gazette though)
~Any bands outside visual kei (no Morning Musume, for example)
~Alice Nine, Antic Cafe, Panic Channel, Vidoll

I can accept pretty much all forms of payment: Non-credit card PayPal (preferred), cash (USD), personal checks, US domestic money orders or international postal money orders (from outside the US). I only request that you send your payment quickly, and I will be prompt in shipping too.

So, if you are interested, comment like below:

Amount: $20
Preference: Cute/oshare-kei
Wanted bands: Lolita23ku, HenzeL, Irokui, Serial Number (but I suggest you list more than this!)
Payment method: PayPal
email address: xxxxx@yahoo.com
Country: USA

Check the list of the fliers I do not have before commenting, please >_<

Thank you! (this is cross-posted around too! Sorry!)
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