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Reallly...REALLY poor. Must have money and so I am cutting my collection down to the absolute favorites. Thus... this stuff. :D
PAYMENT METHODS: concealed cash, US POSTAL MONEY ORDER (no supermarket/bank/western  union mo's!) or personal check (depending on the amount, a $2-3 cashing charge is added on here). I recommend US Postal MO's; they're $.90, insured and free for me to cash. :D
International buyers may pay by concealed US cash or an international postal money order from their country.
SHIPPING: most things will be shipped by USPS priority mail, which is $4 for up to four CDs/DVDs and then goes up to $5. International buyers can have things sent by SAL (super slow) or Global Priority Mail, which is $5.25 for one CD or DVD, and $9.50 for up to four CDs/DVDs.
PAYMENT TIME FRAME: if you can't pay within a week, please do not say you want to buy the item. Time after time again I've been stuck wondering if someone is going to buy for weeks, then when I ask they say "Oh, I don't want it anymore" - gee, thanks for letting me know.
This is the way it should go:
You: I want this and this.
Me: k, send payment to blah blah blah.
You: *sends payment 1-7 days from my email*
I will make exceptions in certain cases.
ITEM CONDITIONS: All CDs and DVDs are original Japanese press. All CDs have scratches on the jewel cases. All DVDs have sligh scratching on the plastic casing, except for the Invite to Immorality one which has been kept in its' slipcase and so is in perfect condition. Dir en grey's DRAIN AWAY single has a cracked case. rice's Angeldie has light scratches on the CD. Everything else is great.
Freebies: Are not necessarily in good condition, and are freebies only to those who are buying one or more other CDs or DVDs from me. If you're not buying anything from me, the freebies turn into $8 plus shipping items.
THE PICTURES: are shitty; fook u glare!. Please forgive me. :D

On to the goods.

Dasein - Sasuraibito single; $5.

Dir en grey singles; $10 each unless otherwise noted:
Child Prey
ZAN (freebie - CD holder piece has come apart from the cover; has either a Shinya or Kaoru trading card with it)

KinKi Kids - SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! single; $10. Great condition overall. This is the limited edition type with a 3 sided 6 page booklet as well as different B-sides than the regular version.

Gackt - MOON album. Freeeeebie.

hide -Ja,Zoo album. Freebie.

Psycho le Cemu - Gekiai Merry Go Round single. First press CD+DVD edition. DVD has PVs of Gekiai Merry Go Round and Shunkashuutou. $10.

Moi Dix Mois singles; $10 each.
Dialogue Symphonie
Shadows Temple

rice single, maxi-singles and album; $10-16 each.
Haruka ($10)
Kurogane ($12)
Angeldie ($16)

Dir en grey Tour 00>>01 MACABRE DVD - Official Japanese R2 release. Retail is 5800 yen, I want $40. Jewel case is scratched but DVD and booklet are in great condition. I forgot to take a picture of it, so I grabbed the one off of J-XYZ. :D

Lareine - Tokyo KINEMA Club live document DVD - Official Japanese release. Out of print! Retail was 4000 yen, I want $30.

Malice Mizer Sans retour Voyage "Derniere" encore une fois DVD. DVD from their Voyage tour (1996/1997). Retail is 5000 yen, I want $35.

Moi Dix Mois DVDs:

Dix Infernal Scars of Sabbath tour DVD. DVD footage of their 2002-2003 tour. Retail is 4800 yen, I want $30.

Invite to Immorality limited edition 2-DVD set. Juka's last DVD appearance! This DVD set is out of print; it was manufactured and available for preorder only from August-October of 2005. Has only been watched once. In beautiful condition. Comes with 2 disks with footage from MDM's 2005 Europe shows as well as Japanese shows, a slipcase, a Mana photobook and a set of Dix Infernal-themed postcards. This was... a very expensive DVD for me, so I will not take less than $80 (I'll throw in US shipping on this) for it.

Moi-meme-Moitie socks: Never worn, still in packaging. I paid $22 (yes, I am insane) for them, but will sell them for $15. Comes with a plastic M-m-M shopping bag, which is kind of scratched up but still an awesome bag. :D These are really nice socks. Comfortable with a beautiful design. They say "Moi-meme-Moitie" on the sole, too. :D I also have a navy blue pair (same design) that I wore once. The Moi-meme-Moitie is rubbed off on them, but all visible parts are still perfect. If anyone wants these, I'll sell 'em for $8.

Mon Amour FC stuff: Madousho issues September 2004-September 2005 plus madousho holder binder and membership paper... card thing. $80; price is definitely negotiable.

Artists for sale are:
Malice Mizer
Moi Dix Mois
Dir en grey
Psycho le Cemu
KinKi Kids

As well as a pair of Moi-meme-Moitie socks and Mon Amour FC magazines + FC binder. Thanks for looking~
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