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Anime DVDs for sale

Final Fantasy: Unlimited DVDs
Interesting sci-fi story with crisp animation, you get two boxsets containing two discs each of Hong Kong ALL Region DVDs that will play on any player. With Japanese language audio and English or Chinese subtitles.The second box was never opened and still in it's factory seal. This is the entire anime series and stars the voice of Canna (Hayashi) Nobutoshi.

Asking price: $ 10

Get Backers DVDs
The first two discs of the anime series, Hong Kong edition that is ALL Region with Japanese audio and English/Chinese subtitles. The second volume was never opened and is still in it's original wrap. The back of disc 1 states it only goes up to episode 4, however disc 2 starts at episode 9?! This is how I purchased them, and since I never opened the second, cannot confirm it. Great artwork for bishonen fans!

Asking price: $ 5

Aquarian Age: Sign for Evolution DVDs
Two DVD set containing the entire series based on a popular cardgame (and the opposite in story, but related, to the series Juvenile Orion). Hong Kong editions that are ALL Region NTSC in Japanese language with English and Chinese subtitles. A beautifully CG-animated fantasy and love story!!

Asking price: $ 8

Project ARMS DVDs
Awesome anime with dark, intriguing characters and design! You get two DVD boxsets, each containing 3 discs and is the entire anime series! Neither box was opened and are still in their original wrap. Hong Kong edition is ALL Region in Japanese language with English and Chinese subtitles.

Asking price: $ 12

Sequence VHS
Beautiful love story that transends time, this videotape was imported from Japan. It will play on any USA video player, but it is in Japanese language only with no subtitles! Released in 1992, 43 minute run-time and stars Sasaki Nozomu.

Asking price: $ 5

Buyer Information

Shipping will be calculated at the time of sale. I prefer to ship things using Priority or Global Priority Mail which starts at $4.05. Your items will ship within 3-5 days, which lessens the likelihood that it will get damaged in transit. However, if you wish a lower grade, less costly means of shipping, just ask! Whatever you want is fine with me! Email me if you'd like a price quote.

Packages being mailed within the USA can be shipped with insurance coverage. Cost is $2 for every $100 worth of coverage. This is totally optional. I am not responsible for items lost or damaged in the mail!!

Payment must be made in full before your items will ship. I accept Money Orders (bank, postal or international), PayPal (credit cards accepted) or personal check (with holding time to clear). Sending cash is not recommended! I PREFER a M.O. No trades accepted at this time.

Will do a bulk discount if you'd like to purchase the entire collection as shown here. I am a very flexible and reasonable seller. I have 100% positive feedback with eBay!

Any questions, please email me. Thank you for looking! That is all now. ;)

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