Jai Graham (tartlet) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Jai Graham

It breaks my heart to do this...

::Heavy SIGH::

I bought this from the amazing redninjawinz on this community very recently. (say the past month and half?) I knew it would be a little bit big on me, and I planned on bringing it to a tailor to have it brought in. Unfortunately, after inquiring about having it brought in at four or five different tailors here in Boston, I realized it would cost waaay more to tailor it than I initially paid for it. (an upwards of $100 in most places, the lowest was $75 with a tailor who didn't speak clear English and who didn't understand that the skirt of the coat needed to be preserved.) There was one tailor who refused to even do it for fear of ruining the lining. (Which makes me wonder his tailoring talents in the first place? Huh.) Anyway. I digress.

The coat. I will try to find someone who better fills it model it for pictures.

Beautiful black wool-like fabric, high-quality white lace. This is really a great piece from Fan+Friend, their quality is superb.

Fully lined, detachable capelet with hood -- and my favourite part -- BUNNY EARS. ADORABLE.

Demonstration of the beautiful job with the lining.

Again, I will try for more pictures in a model who shows it off better than me.

I wish I could say how much I want to keep this coat. It is beautiful, high quality and just so much fun to wear. I just cannot afford to tailor it closer to my size right now, and frankly, need the cash.

That being said, the size is probably a US Large. I am a 36" bust, 30" waist, 35" hips average sized girl. The bust fits appropriately, especially over Loli shirts/cardigans. The waist was the part that fit loosest of the coat.

I am asking to make my money back on this purchase. I am looking for $85-$90, including shipping within the United States. If there is a war for people who want it, I would entertain an auction style purchase, as the money will likely be going toward another coat... If there are international Lolis interested, I will work out a fair price to send it to you. I just want to make my investment back.

I only accept Paypal buyers, and credit card users on Paypal are responsible to pay their fees.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions!! Thank you so much guys. Please give this beautiful coat another good home!!


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