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Stuff for sale XO

FOR SALE! Prices don't include shipping, but it's going to be a flat rate within the U.S. of $5 for nearly everything. @_@; Prices are all U.S. dollars.

Cutey Honey DVD vol 1 from ADV (cover)
~ contains episodes 1-2 of the 4 part OAV
~ great condition, only watched once
~ $10

CLAMP's X series vol 1-15 original Japanese version (sitting together on the shelf, art example, art example 2)
~ there are 18 volumes released so far (the series isn't complete!) so this is all but three of what's out!
~ each one has been read only once; in fact the later ones I don't think I even read XD
~ as a SET: $50 (I was asking $70 before. This is 15 manga, of the same series, for $50!. You'd pay twice that for buying them new today.)
~ I really don't want to sell these separately, unless I get enough offers for different volumes. =/

CLAMP's Magic Knight Rayearth vol 1 original printing, original Japanese version
(cover, inside cover, art sample, color art sample)
~ this manga is now rare as the MKR series has been re-printed into smaller volumes
~ oversized compared to most manga, with color inserts and a color mini-manga at the end!
~ it's mahou shoujo, so it's aimed towards young girls and easy for those of you beginning with Japanese
~ $6

Shitajiki/Pencil Boards
Digiko from Digi Charat (front, back)
~ This is a rare shitajiki used for promoting a Broccoli event in Japan a few years back.
~ Features Digiko as a puppy instead of a kitty! XD
~ $8

Tokyo Mew Mew (front, back)
~ A bright and happy shitajiki I bought three years ago and never touched. o_o
~ $7

Eternal Sailormoon (front, back)
~ My first shitajiki ever, but I have outgrown it. ;.; A bit loved, but still good condition.
~ It's got some scratching on the edges that you can kinda see in the photos.
~ $5

Hikaru no Go (front, back)
~ Definitely the nicest shitajiki I own. :O
~ Beautiful color images on both sides. ^^
~ $8

Poker Card Decks
Shaman King (back of cards in case, card samples)
~ regular 52 card deck + 2 jokers, perfect for any game with friends or solitare XD
~ often played with (I'm a solitaire junkie), but kept in very good condition
~ $6

Other Video
MALICE MIZER sans retour Voyage "derniere" ~encoure une fois~ Concert VHS (front cover, back cover, the tape)
~ filmed April 1, 1997 at Shibuya Kokaido
~ Malice Mizer's last live as an indies band before they were signed to Columbia
~ $30 (somewhat rare)

Thanks for looking. ^^
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