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03 April 2006 @ 10:51 pm
I want these gone. Everything $10 and under.

Please comment or email me at extirpation@gmail.com if interested in anything. All secondhand and should be in good to excellent condition, with bits of wear. If not, noted with asterik. I'll accept domestic (post office) MO, concealed cash (at your risk), or Instant Transfer/pre-existing Paypal Funds through Paypal.


Boy by Ooya Kazumi. 200p. BL pairings.

final fantasy 7:

Muyomi no Yoi by Kuchibiru Kara Sandanjyu. 48p. Vincent/Cloud.

fullmetal alchemist:

Daitanfuteki by Bonsaibonbon. 72p. General & BL pairings.

$10 for set. $4.05 for shipping via Priority.
"Enzai" by Ranko Iino. 24p. Original/Roy, Hughes/Roy. *Has a few small faint indents on the cover.
"Nagorinoori" by Junto Murasaki/ Murasakiya. 8p. Roy/Ed. Encounter in the library. *Copy book.
"Hana Ibara" by Junto Murasaki/ Murasakiya. 16p. Roy/Ed. Gentle moment. *Two faint indents near the spine; front cover's lower left corner has a slight bend.

gundam wing:

Tsuki ni Tsumoru Yuki by In-Tsukise/Saru Oukoku. 30p. Duo/Heero.

heat guy-j:

"Toki akippa nashi Memorial" by Metropolitan Farm. 20p. General.

hunter x hunter:

The Ghost in my Room by Fake Star. 38p. uke!Quoll.

one piece:

Egoist by Fire Virgin. 48p. Smoker/Ace. *Scratch on cover

prince of tennis:

Kawaii & Yukaina Ohanashi by Private Label. 24p. Momoshiro/Echizen. *Bent in corner

yu yu hakusho:

Makai Mokei by In-fect! 32p. Kurmara/Hiei.

Killer Sniper by Mr. Kuroneko/ Ten no Doukyou Dan. 32p. Sensui/Hagiri. *Size is A5!

Prices don't include shipping. I'm in the U.S.; domestic shipping is: $4.05 up to 3 djs for Priority Mail, add $1.25 for each book after that; flat rate of $8.10 if you buy 8 books or more. $2.65 (Delivery Confirmation included) up to 5 djs for Media mail.
{♬} ♥ Hanachan!♥hanamusume on April 4th, 2006 05:58 am (UTC)
I have a question about the VinxCloud doujin:
what's the rating on it-I actually *don't* want hentai LOL
tdeitdei on April 4th, 2006 06:34 am (UTC)
I'd say PG13. ^^ The most they do is knock into each other and kiss. =)