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Selling award winning Soi Fong wig, costume and Suzumebachi

I'm selling my Soi Fong costume (from Bleach) to help pay for costumes for conventions this summer as well as to try to help cover rent and living expenses for when I move to China for June thru August.

I made this costume for love of the design. I'm a big sucker for black and white designs and uniforms. Bleach was a series that never quite held my interest, but I always loved the character designs and how unique they were despite being in uniform. ^^

Worn a total of 3 times.

Award winning Soi Fong wig - $100US ($10US shipping to Canada/USA, insurance included. $15US internationally, insurance included)

I won the "most accurate wig" award for it at the Ohayocon Hall Costume Contest.

Both hair tails are removable and held on with comb-in toupee clips (they hold on as well as sewing the tails in would). You can remove the hair tails and use the wig as a flip wig for costumes that have short flipped out hair. They were made by weaving twill tape around kanekalon extensions. 14 guage wire was inserted into the tails to make them slightly posable. Rings at the end were made from hard plastic round rings painted gold.

The wig requires slight restyling from being in storage. A random bottle of strong hold hairspray will do the trick. You can just hold the wig upside down and spray it in the problem spots and gravity will pull the wig back into shape.

Will fit a small to medium head. I have a small head, but butt length hair to stuff underneath and it worked fine.

Soi Fong's Suzumebachi (ON HOLD) - $25US ($7US shipping to Canada/USA, insurance included. $10US internationally, insurance included)

Made from Wonderflex and gold tone metal chain. Painted with black and gold acrylic paints and coated in 2 layers of varnish. The underside's open and wonderflex is flexible, so will fit up to a 7inch wrist (I have a 5.5 inch wrist and it's a bit loose). The finger portion will fit any size as the inside is shaped mostly like a cone (and the underside is open as well). The two parts are attached by a gold tone metal chain that is attached directly to the wonderflex on either end.

Soi Fong's fighting outfit (manga version) - $80US ($20 shipping to Canada/USA, insurance included, $27US internationally, insurance included)

Includes the top, hakama pants, waist band/sash, pair of stir ups, shoes (US women's sz 7.5, although since I wore them w/o socks, my size 8 feet fit them perfectly). Basically, the entire manga outfit minus the arm warmers and the white "panty straps" (which I made as a piece that can be pinned in place to cover up the side straps on panties). The arm warmers and panty strap, I'll include for free if you want them, but they're not as well made as the rest of the costume.

Black parts made from medium weight poly/cotton mix for a clean line. White "underkimono" collar is a strip of double layered light weight cotton fabric.

Waist sash is a stretchy polyester fabric that wraps around the waist twice. Adjustible as to how wide you would like it by adjusting how spread out or bunched up the fabric is and is VERY stretchy.

Hakama pants are made with a reinforced backboard (plastic insert to ensure that it never flops over) and pleated to match traditional Japanese hakama pleating styles.

Stir ups were made in matching black fabric to the hakama and top. Slipped on like leg warmers with elastic top and closes down the back with a zipper on each to creat a perfect fit.

The top and hakama are free size as they are worn with straps that clip together and are all adjustible! All seems and edges are finished with a zigzag stitch.

For the sake of it, my measurements are 35B bust, 28 waist and 35 hips and I'm 5'7" with size 8 feet.

Pictures and Reference


I can only accept payment in bank transfer paypal and concealed cash right now cause I no longer have a US$ bank account to cash checks and money orders in (and the post office exchange rates for IPMOs are a bit too outrageous for me to swallow).
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