Yuki (shiroi_yukiko) wrote in garagesalejapan,

J-rock and Anime Stuff for Sale!

I'm cleaning house a bit again!

Digi Charat Pencil Board ($1)
Saiyuki Sanzo Bromide Card ($3)
Angel Sanctuary Postcard Book ($15)

On Ebay: One Piece Sanji Plushie signed by Duel Jewel

J-rock Stuff

1. Shazna: Gold Sun and Silver Moon, first press, 2 cds w/ bonus 4-track music box cd ($15)
2.Moi dix Mois: Dialogue Symphonie, 4 tracks (SOLD)
3.Dir en grey: Kasumi single, 3 tracks, first press w/ sticker ($7- ON HOLD)

1. LAREINE: Saikai no Hana single, 2 tracks ($7)
2. Miyavi: Tariraritarara single, 3 tracks, case is cracked, CD is OK (SOLD)
3. Dir en grey: Jessica single, 4 tracks (SOLD)
4. Dir en grey: FILTH single, 3 tracks

Dir en grey: Kaede ~if trans~ VHS (SOLD)
Ash, sangeki no yoru, waza, GARDEN PVs & lyrics cards

Shazna: Melty Love VHS ($5)
Includes Melty Love and Raspberry Time PVs (not the normal ones. they're on a weird colorful background...). Lyrics sheet included. This came with a pamphlet, which I have, but cannot find...

Oboreru Sakana DVD ($15)
REGION TWO ONLY, raw. A murder mystery about a cop and his crossdressing partner. IZAM (ex-Shazna) also stars in this movie.

Shazna: Dear September Lovers SHAZNA live at Budokan '98 Boxset ($60)
Includes: (a LOT of stuff)
1. poster
2. concert video
3. t-shirt (never been worn)
4. postcard set
5. notepad w/ clipboard
6. heart-shaped notepad
7. large badge
8. keychain
9. lipstick case
10. sticker sheet
11. photo booklet
12. phone strap
13. face cloth
14. pencil case
15. plastic carry bag
There is wear on the box, but everything inside has never been used, except the video.

I only accept Paypal, though I might be willing to do a trade (Death Note is my weakness, but I'll look at other things also, though I am very very picky). Leave a comment if you are interested in anything!
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