mary jane (janeygirl) wrote in garagesalejapan,
mary jane

Selling yaoi, shoujo manga, JROCK (miyavi) and KPOP

Yaoi & shoujo manga, JROCK & KPOP cds & dvds for sale.
Paypal, concealed cash, money orders & checks accepted. Not responsible for anything lost/damaged in the mail. All sales are final.

PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. Shipping and handling not included unless stated otherwise. Serious buyers only.

JROCK / Miyavi :

Miyavizm Limited CD & DVD $40

Galyuu $23

Behind the Scenes Concert DVD

YAOI Monthly Anthologies

Junk! Boy $12

Gust Mania $12

Gush $10

Chara Selection $12

Be Boy Gold $15

Be Boy Luv 13 $9

Be Boy Zips $8 a piece

Death Note Doujinshi by Juokubunritsu (Azusa Miwa & Tomomi Sakakibara) $15 each

Digimon Doujinshi by MECCA (Haruka/Kazuka Minami) $20

Gravitation Sound Story $9

Yaoi/Shoujo & Slashable Manga

Manga by Toshiki Kusanagi $9

Passion $9

Manga by Kazusa Takashima $9

Manga by Ryo Takagi $9 each

Manga by Ryo Takagi $9

Hana Kimi 1-3 $19 for all 3

Angel Sanctuary 1-6 $46 (s&h included) for all 6 volumes

Fruits Basket 1-11 $88 (s&h included) for all 11 volumes

Misc Manga


Showking DVD $15 each

H.O.T Last Concert on VHS (still brand new) $30

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