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Tons of stuff to sell!

Ah, its reached that point! My bills have gotten out of hand and now its time to sell some stuff! (warning: graphic heavy. ^^; )

First up! I have the first four volumes of Shojo Beat. For me, it got to the point where it was just too expensive to keep buying them! They're all in pretty good shape, normal wear from reading through once or twice. For manga they include NANA, Godchild, Absolute Boyfriend, Baby and Me, Kaze Hikaru, and Crimson Hero.

$2.50 per issue plus shipping.

Next is a Japanese manga antholgy. I'm not sure which one and I'm not quite sure of the date. ^^; I got it in a grab bag from Otakon and since I can't read Japanese, it isn't much use to me. Inside are some cute Shojo mangas including one featuring the Disney princesses. (If anyone would like some pics of the manga, lemme know and I'll up some)

$3.00 plus shipping.

This is a Naruto Yaoi doujin featuring Iruka and Kakashi. Although I'm not sure what they're saying, it involves both of them transforming using Naruto's Sexy no Jutsu technique. XD (If anyone wants a look at the inside, lemme know and I'll up some) Near perfect condition. Has some slight scratch dents on the cover. It was like this when I purchased it.

$10.00 OBO plus shipping. (Paid $22.00)

Gravitation Remix 8.5. Featuring K. Not much need for explanation on this one. Its by the original manga-ka of Gravitation and features a bit more steamy situations. The cover has some slight bends near top from being in my suitcase when flying home from Otakon, other than that, awesome conidtion

$8.00 OBO plus shipping.

Next up is a bunch of DVDs!  All DVDs are American release with Dub and Sub options unless noted. This first set includes: Rurouni Kenshin disc two, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi disc one, Bleach episodes 1-8 (Hong Kong release with low quality subs, readable however), Bleach episodes 9-16 (Hong Kong release with low quality subs, readable however), Sailor Moon R: The Promise of the Rose (movie), Inuyasha: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass (Hong Kong release with semi-low quality subs), Neon Genesis Evangelion: DEATH AND REBIRTH, Naruto episodes 1-8 (Hong Kong release with low quality subs, readable however), Saiyuki disc one, Inuyasha: A Love Which Transends Time (Hong Kong Release with low quality subs, readable however), Gundam Wing disc one, Gundam Wing disc two, Gundam Wing Endless Waltz OVA and Movie version.

$5.00 for American DVDs and $3.00 ORB for Hong Kong releases plus shipping.

The next set includes: G Gundam disc one, G Gundam disc two, Excel Saga disc two, and Sailor Moon SuperS disc seven.

$5.00 plus shipping.

Next for the manga volumes. All are in new condition unless otherwise noted. In this shot I have: Model volume one, Kindaishi Case Files: The Opera House Murders (well read), Rurouni Kenshin volume number unknown, Pretear volume one (still some sticker on back, unable to get off), Steel Angel Kurumi volume one (sticker on back), Bleach volume one, Bleach volume two, FAKE volume seven, and Love Hina volume one (well read).

$5.00 for new, $3.00 ORB for well read plus shipping.

And finally I have the first five volumes of Tokyo Mew Mew in Japanese. Again, gotten from a grab bag at Anime Boston.

$5.50 per volume plus shipping.

Prices are not set! If you feel I'm asking too much, give me an offer. I need the money! Also, shipping prices are based on location. If you'd like a quote on shipping prices, you leave your zip code in a comment or email me at cj.gren@gmail.com!
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