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4/7/06 UPDATE!

^_^ Most prices are still negotiable but some we (Luna & Malice) will stand firm on some items we are selling, since some of the items are from a store owned by a close friend of the families. As an added addition I(Luna) am also selling items for Malice in California who has mailed me 2 Boxes worth of items to sell off. All of her items are now located under one large Super Post, payment for these items come to me unless otherwise noted. While all of my items are being sold under another large post. We're both reliable sellars and business women when it comes to these things. So we're not completely unreasonable. So Welcome to:

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Luna's Sales Update - 4-07-06 - I'm still currently working at an Art Museum as a Volenteer (which means I get no money for my hours). But I'm hoping to hear from a prospective business venture which will land me a job (After April 16th) which will hopefully lead me into employment. But I still doesnt' change the fact I need money! My goal is to hopefully raise $1,300 by June of 2006. Money for Anime Next is no longer needed since it became my Birthday Gift from Family (YAY!). BUT! I still need the money paying off my student loans from college ($1,140), and to finish paying off some costumes commissions ($160). I still have tons of things to put up for sale but let's try to clear out this first batch shall we? Please?
Current Total Raised ($75/1,300)

Luna's Store Links-
Luna's LJ Store
Deviantart Print Shop
Cafepress T-shirt Store
Art Commission Information

Malice's Sales Update -
Luna has finally posted all of my Doujinshi and other Misc collectables for me. Often I'll sell some Cel's and old artwork that I can not longer keep on Ebay. I'm trying to get my floors redone in my house, and apparently it's going to cost more then I had hoped. Every little bit helps I suppose.

Malice's Store Links
Malice's LJ Store
Ebay Page

Also I WILL ONLY HOLD ITEMS FOR 2 WEEKS After that week if you do not tell me if you want it or not then I will remove you off the list of potential buyers.

Shipping and Handling can be Found on the Main Page towards the bottom of the page.

X-posted alot of places. Sorry if you get this more then once.

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