Z Z (plastic_garden) wrote in garagesalejapan,

MANGA for Sale

I'm trying to save up for E3 next month and was curious if anyone wanted to buy any of these items I have:

(All manga are liscensed US items)

Ayashi no Ceres new (old version) vol. 4 - $6
Maison Ikkoku new (smaller version, still in shrinkwrap) volume 2 - $6

Sailor Moon 1, 4, SuperS 1. These are extras I've somehow bought double copies of. These are in used/good condition except SuperS 1 has a little spine creasing. $10 each

Also, I have a set of almost every Sailor Moon graphic novel in English. I think the only one I'm missing is the very last one. I have 1-11, SuperS 1-4 and StarS 1-2 (16 books). These have very little wear and tear. Any offers?

If this doesn't work out here, I'll just mosey on down to eBay but I was curious if any one here wanted the first grabs =)

Pictures available upon request, but I can't post them until tomorrow (April 9th, Sunday).

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