seerakosumosu (seerakosumosu) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Kon pin, earrings, cell phone strap...

made out of foam!

All links/wire-work for the earrings and cell phone strap are handmade.
I put a lot of love into these. :D

made with Czech glass beads
multiple beads, swirl, and link designs

made with Czech glass beads, Swarovski crystal, and Swarovski pearls

pin            $6.50
earrings   $7.00 with steel hooks/$7.50 with sterling silver hooks
strap        $7.00 with Czech glass/$7.50 with Czech glass & Swarovski
* Kon for pin will be around 3", around 1.5" for the earrings and strap.
** Prices do not include shipping. Shipping will be an extra $1.50 (or $2 if you buy a lot ^_^).
*** Kon's expression and bead colors can be customized!

1. Paypal non-cc, money orders, and concealed cash are accepted.
2. Please check out my livejournal for feedback from garagesalejapan & eBay.
3. I make these once I have your payment. Turn-around time will be one week.

Don't forget to check out my livejournal for anime merchandise!
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