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Weiss Kreuz items for sale

A handful of Weiss-items behind the cut!

Piece of Heaven Single
Beautiful Alone Single
Weiss Postcard Book

Weiss Shitajiki
Weiss Side B Volume 1

4 Weiss handheld fans.

These are not official merchandise, but are made nicely with heavy cardboard and plastic handles. Reverse images are blue/white.

Laminated Lami Cards

These are about the size of a credit card, laminated, and have the Weiss cross on the back of them.

Entwiclung - presented by Herz Kaiser
-A very pretty Yohji/Omi doujin. Some text pages, a few kisses, nothing too graphic. A nice piece.

Please - presented by Liberalism
Weiss 2nd Book
Yohji's Birthday Book
- mostly a gag doujin with some light Yohji/Ken moments in places. Has some cute panels of the boys in drag as well. I really like this one, it's just too adorable. Very Yohji-centric.

-Title unknown - presented by Eden the Doors [E.T.D.]
Another gag one, with a cat running through the book... Some wonderful Schwarz moments in here with Farfie carrying the kitty and Schu wandering around with it upon his head. Again, I really like this one too, but yes.

I'm Bad - presented by Jiyujin C-hiyori - $35
-One of the prizes of my small collection. Has some of the infamous "Aya is an alien" bits in the beginning. Gorgeous, gorgeous drawing, and everyone wants a piece of Yohji, so you get some very pretty uke-Yohji scenes in this. I can't emphasize how gorgeous this one is.

I've contemplated whether to sell these are not, as they are copies that were made by me by a former friend, but as I'm starting to get out of the Weiss fandom a bit, I'm weeding out some of my collection. So I'm torn, but I think they could have a better home and I really don't want to give them away, if that makes sense.

These are copies of storyboards from Gluhen with the original character designs. Drawings are very rough, lay out the episodes and such and are more of something interesting to have than anything truly remarkable as they are copies. I'll consider offers on these, but please email me in regards to these.

Make an offer on anything except for the one doujin that is marked. I have an idea of what I'm looking to get for most things, but I won't lay out prices as I want to get rid of them.

Shipping is at buyer's cost. I prefer to ship priority, which is around $5.25 for the flat envelopes, which can safely hold about anything here except for the manga, but that should be even cheaper.

I will ship internationally, but buyer pays all shipping.

I can only take payment by Paypal, no credit cards allowed.

Comment here if interested, or drop me an email at groovy_blue[at]livejournal[dot]com.

Items that are striked through have been sold! Thank you!

Thanks for looking!
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