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Lots of Fun, Fruitsy clothing for sale!

Help a college student! Buy her stuff! Basically, my style has changed a thousand times this year and now I am settled on one sort of idea that I like, so I'm selling all the stuff I've accumulated in the change. ^_^ All of my clothing comes from a smoke-free, pet-free dorm here in Good Old Boston, Mass!

I only accept Paypal. Shipping is included in the price for each item WITHIN THE UNITED STATES. World-wide friends, inquire for s&h.

Please also check my sales journal, crayon_ninja!!

And now... the items. :)

Prince Yuki Tee-shirt, Size Large.

Perfect for any Fruits Basket fan. The image is beautiful, the quality is great, it's just way too big for me now.

Asking Price: $12 Shipped (or most reasonable offer)

Fullmetal Alchemist Tee-Shirt, Size Large.

Too big for me now. Sorry about the crappy image -- try this one:

Asking Price: $12 Shipped (or most reasonable offer)

SOUNDGIRL top, Size Small.

I love this shirt so much, but need the cash really badly. The image is appliqued and silk screened, and the fabric featuers tiny hearts in white, pink and blue. There is one tiny hole above the big red heart in the image, but it is easily fixed. (I will stitch it if the buyer requests.) Also features a thick rope at the bottom of the shirt to bring it closer to your size.

One of the heart buttons had fallen off, but was sewn back on securely with pink thread, you could never tell it had come off!

I paid a LOT for this shirt, as SOUNDGIRL items are never cheap.

You can almost see the hole there, it's really tiny...

I am sad to part with it. :(

Asking Price: $25 SHIPPED (or most reasonable offer)

Funky knit arm warmers!

Strechable, they go up to about my elbow.

Asking Price: $8 Shipped

Urban Renewal (Urban Outfitters) Navy Blue Tee-shirt Vest, Size Medium

Bought from Urban Outfitters cause I loved the style, and it was too tight over a shirt I wanted to wear it over. :( Still an awesome shirt. Contrast stitching and silk-screen rose in bright pink.

The back features a Football Number, as the shirt was originally a Pop Warner foot-ball tee shirt. :) Sooo cool! Wish it fit me properly.

Asking Price: $12 Shipped (or best offer)

TUK China flats in Size 10.

Gently loved, these awesome black silk flats feature hot pink cherry blossoms!

Asking Price: $15 (because they're gonna be awkward to ship) Shipped (or most reasonable offer)

KangaROOS Sneakers Size 10.

Gently loved, these shoes probably need new shoelaces. Unfortunately, I don't have a spare pair to throw in with the deal. I love the colours on these, though, and hope they find their way to a good home.

Asking Price: $25 Shipped (GOOD DEAL considering how much they were when I bought them. And Shipping is not going to be cheap...)

TRIPP Dress/Top Size Large.

AWESOME military-esque dress in black with hot pink stitching. (Looks really good with the china flats, offered above) Purchased on a whim, worn once, and am now regretting said purchase cause it's really REALLY not my style. (But as my guy friends stated, "Did wonders for my chest"... oi.)

I think it's meant to be worn over pants, because the pleated skirt part is very, VERY short. Features a ton of buttons, zippers and pleats. Gotta love it. (Sorry the photos are bad. I had a really hard time getting it on camera.)

Genuine TRIPP item.

Asking Price: $25 Shipped (or best offer)


Mystery Anime Belt, Size Large.

Purchased at a Goodwill store, this belt has no tags, no artist names nothing. It's hand-drawn anime characters in a plastic covering, so it's really durable. I ... wish I could say more, I have no idea where this belt originated. ::lol:: I do know you're likely to never find another one again, so snatch it up now!!


Asking Price: $10 shipped

Help me out guys!! Purchase my awesome clothing! I will consider any reasonable request. I am not looking to trade, I really need the cash for the rest of the semester.

Thanks for looking!
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