Erin D (soulabyss) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Erin D

Malice Mizer, Gackt and various stuffs~!

First post here, hope everything is good to go! I have recently come to the realization that I have too much -stuff-. In an effort to clean out all the boxes hiding in the garage, I am selling some of these spiffy items! :D
Here's a list:
-Malice Mizer's "Bara no higeki" photo book (from the Bara no konrei movie)
-Malice Mizer's "Bara no densho" VHS tape (a kind of preview for the Bara no konrei movie),
-Gackt's "Mizerable - Unmei" Photo book
-UV magazine November 2000 issue, feat. articles on Gackt, Super Car, Kyousuke Himuro, Bucktick, Luna Sea, Plastic Tree, Pierrot, and Malice Mizer
-Vicious magazine August 2001 issue, feat. articles on Malice Mizer, cali=gari, Due le quartz, Janne Da Arc, Vivid, Dope Headz and Fanatic Crisis
-Vicious magazine feat. articles on Fanatic Crisis, Kozi(Malice Mizer), Penicillin, Janne Da Arc, Vivid, Due le quartz and S
-Shoxx magazine September 2001 issue feat. articles on Kirito(Pierrot), rice, Janne Da Arc, DopeHEADz, Kozi(Malice Mizer), and Stray Pig Vanguard
-Fool's Mate magazine December 2000 issue feat. articles on Gackt, Dir en grey, Sads, L'Arc-en-ciel, Pierrot and Luna Sea
-w-inds. "SUPER LOVER" CD single
-w-inds. "Love is message" CD single
-The NaB's "Stormy Love CD single

ALSO...does anyone think backissues of Japanese anime magazines would be of interest to anyone????
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